This class blog has been set up so we can continue with our learning together if the school is forced to close for a period of time.

Log in daily to see what learning activities have been set for you.

Also please share your learning and interact as much as you are able on the blog. Remember even though we may not be at school we can still continue our learning journey together. I am here to help, listen and guide you as always!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good Morning Platypus Class.

My goodness is it Friday already? How time flies with all this home learning fun!

Well done to all of you who completed your spelling test with the o_e words on Sumdog. I have looked at your scores and as always they are very impressive.

Today’s daily tasks as always are –

Maths Challenge:

So first here is a little reminder of what we have been focusing on this week.

We can split numbers 11 – 19 into a ten part and a ones part using a part whole model.

Can you copy and complete these examples into your books…

Now can you find the missing sum (total) in these equations…

How about the missing addend (part) in these equations…

Next the missing difference in these subtraction equations…

And finally if you want something very tricky how about these problems?

Sara has fifteen pencils in total. How many are hidden?

Philosophy Challenge:

This term we have been learning a lot about animals. We have learnt about how animals can be grouped and what body parts they have. We have looked at what animals eat and done lots of comparing of animals.

We also learnt that for scientists ‘humans’ are also a kind of animal. Lots of us found this a strange idea… we didn’t all agree!

So our P4C question for today is…

The Importance of the Human-Animal Bond - Mind and Body - Utne Reader

What makes humans different from animals?

One way to get started in your thinking is to draw a diagram like the one below. Put all the things that you can think of that are only true for animals in the left circle. Put all the thinks that you can think of that are only true for humans in the right circle. Put the things that are true for both in the middle where the two circles cross over.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Where would you place these things?

eat sing love breathe talk make friends fight hunt


In P4C sessions we always stress that we share our ideas and that we respect the opinions of others. It would be great if you could share some of your answers to the question on the blog and even try to comment on to each other’s .

And finally…

How Good To Be Green behaviour system works | Riverview Junior School

It is time for your good to be green treat….What will it be? Talk to your adult at home…

It could be playing your favourite game, going on busy things and choosing your favourite activity, baking a yummy cake or biscuits . You might want to introduce your family to ‘go noodles’ and learn a song or a dance together (see below). Just make sure you have lots of fun…..and let me know what you get up to!

And that is the buzzer for the end of term!

Happy Easter to all of you and best wishes to all your families x

I will not be doing a daily blog over the Easter Holidays but I will do one more blog post at the start of next week with some ideas to keep you busy and occupied over the Easter Holidays and help you start prepare for next terms learning.

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning all! Hope you are all well today and feeling happy. Remember to record yoru mood on Zumos each day so I can keep track of how you are feeling. Today I feel….”Bring it on!”

Also don’t forget to complete the spelling test on Sumdog practising writing words with the o_e split digraph!

Maths Challenge:

This week we have been focusing on the numbers between 10 and 20. Looking at how they are formed from a group of ten and a bit (the ones). We also need to learn how to write these numbers as digits and words.

 Can you copy and complete this table filling in the missing parts…

Now look at these number lines. Can you identify the number marked?

Now that we know these numbers between 10 and 20 are made up of ten and a bit we can write addition equations to represent how the are formed…

10 + 5 = 15

Now can you use write some addition equations to match these representations showing the 10 and a bit structure…

English and Science Challenge:

Yesterday you did some reading about how to look after different types of pet.

Today and tomorrow can you design a leaflet for a pet shop with instructions on it explaining how to look after pet of your choosing. It could be one that you learnt about in the reading yesterday or a different pet.

You can use this ebook to find out more about caring for different animals https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/animals-and-nature/pet-care/

Here are some sentences starters you may want to use.

  • You must…
  • You need to…
  • Remember to…
  • Always…
  • Do not…
  • Never…

Computing Challenge:

Today is our computing lesson so if you haven’t had a chance to go on to code.org yet them please try and compete some of the activities.

Wednesday 1st April

(well done those who noticed the wring date on yesterday’s blog post – you have won 1000 team points!)

Put the kettle on Platypus class I am coming around to your house today to check on all your work and make sure your bedrooms are tidy…

Image result for April fools

Seriously I wish I could do that because I miss you all very much…and I would love to see all the work you have been up to. If you would like to share anything you have been doing at home and your adult uses twitter they can share it on there or they could send pictures to the school email address with FAO Mr Fielder and I will post them on the blog.

Maths Challenge:

So here is a video to remind you of how the teen numbers are made of 1 group of ten and then some extra ones..

Now try and see how quickly you can recognise these teens amounts shown on a tens frame. You have about 3 seconds before the number is shown. Can you beat the clock?

Now can you find one more and one less than these numbers…

Which ones do not show 16? Can you explain why…. post a comment and let me know!

Reading Challenge:

If you can download the slides above and read through the information about looking after different kinds of pet. Ask an adult to help with reading some of the words if they are a bit tricky but also remember to use your sounds…

Writing Challenge:

Now can you answer these questions…

When should you walk a dog?

What should you put in a snakes tank?

How often do you need to feed an adult snake?

What word means the animal likes to be around people and other animals?

What pet do you think is the best to keep and why?

PE Challenge:

Today is our PE day and I hope lots of you have been doing your daily PE lessons with Joe Wicks the body coach at 9.00am live on his youtube channel.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or can find a safe place then there are lots of activities from the national tennis association that you might want to try out on this website https://www.lta.org.uk/tennis-at-home

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Welcome back my plucky Platypuses.

Time to get stuck into another busy day of home learning. Don’t forget to complete your daily tasks outlined below…

English Challenge:

This week we will be focusing on writing instructions. When we write instructions we need to tell people what to do. You might say that we need to be a little bit bossy. To tell people what to do we need to use command sentences.

Start by watching this video on writing command sentences and doing the activity by following the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrqqtfr/articles/z8strwx

Now try writing your own set of instructions in your blue books using command sentences. It could be for washing your hands (very important at the moment) , brushing your teeth, making your favourite sandwich or anything else you can think of. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share some of your instructions too…

If you want more resources to support instruction writing then set up a free twinkle account at https://www.twinkl.co.uk and search instruction writing for lots of presentations and worksheets.

Maths Challenge:

This week we will be focusing on the numbers between 10 and 20.

How many apples are there? Try counting them in ones….

Now search around the house – can you find this same amount of something else it doesn’tt matter what – pencils, books, sweets (but don’t eat them yet!)

Now look at the apples. Can you see one group of ten apples and then three more single apples. Try arranging the objects you found into a group of ten and 3 ones.

Now look how many balloons there are…

There are fifteen balloons – 1 group of ten and 5 ones. Look how we write fifteen below…

  • How many groups of ten pencils?
  • How many single pencils?
  • How many pencils are there altogether?

Continue to explore making amounts between 10 and 20. Try using objects you can find at home or drawing in your books. Here are some ideas…

Science Challenge:

Take a look at these animals below.

Think of as many similarities and differences between them as you can.

Think about…

  • Appearance?
  • What they do?
  • Where they might be found?

Now leave a comment with which one you think is the odd one out and why?

Don’t worry there is no one right answer – as long as you can give a reason for your ideas!

Monday 30th March 2020

Welcome back Platypus Class. I hope you all managed to enjoy what must have been a strange weekend stuck at home. I don’t know about you but I am beginning to forget what day it is…well almost but not quite… it’s Monday so time to get stuck back into learning!

If you read the school letter (available on the website) then you will know that there is a class blogging competition this week. The class with the most number of comments on the blog over the week will be the winner…I wonder what the prize will be! I will try to give you lots of chances to comment on some of the learning this week so try to add a comment daily if you can – You know how much we all enjoy winning!

This week we will be focusing on words with the split digraph o_e sound. As in woke or joke.

Watch these videos that introduce the digraph:

Phonics Challenge:

Can you read this paragraph and guess what the missing words are. They are all spelt with the o_e . Write the missing words in your blue book and add some more if you can.

Trono Reina Stock Vectors, Images & Vector Art | Shutterstock

Queen lived in a very big __________ . Last night she fell asleep on her __________ . Today she __________ up early. The King was calling her on his __________ . He told her he had broken a ___________ . He had tripped on a very big __________ .

Now go on a phonics treasure hunt and see what things you can find that have a o_e sound in them. Please leave a comment to tell us your o_e words you found!

Maths Challenge:

On Friday we looked at how we can use our understanding of how 2 digit numbers are formed by groups of tens and ones to solve some missing number addition problems.

Today we will be focusing on subtraction.

Look at how we can split a 2 digit amount into tens and ones below and use this to write 4 different subtraction equations…

Remember that the = sign means “the same as” so that 8 = 28 – 20 looks a bit strange to us but is correct. It means that 8 is the same as 28 takeaway 8

Can you use your understanding of tens and ones to copy and complete these missing number problems in your blue book.

Art Challenge:

First find a map of the world and find Australia on it.

When you think about Australia what kind of animals do you think of?

109 Best Art Lesson Ideas: Aborigine images | Art lessons ...

Today try and create your own aboriginal artwork using a dot painting technique. It can be quite slow but the results look great. You could use felt tips, paint or pencil. You could even log on to busy things using your school email and go to the Art section where there is an aboriginal art activity. Go to https://www.busythings.co.uk and use the lgfl login.

Good luck everyone and do let me know how you get on.

PS If you have access to a smart phone and want to try something fun Google 3D has introduced AR animals that you can bring to life in your own home. My daughter nearly got eaten by a tiger eating breakfast this morning…https://9to5google.com/2020/03/28/google-3d-animals-list/ But remember your safety rules and get an adult’s permission first.

Friday 27th March

Hello to you all,

Well it is Friday and the end of our first week of home learning. Let me take this chance to say a big well done to all of the class for continuing their learning with such enthusiasm this week – and of course all those brand new teachers out there in all your families. (Don’t worry the first week in a new job is always the toughest!)

Don’t forget your daily tasks –

  • Sumdog – please make sure you complete the maths and spelling assessments that should have appeared.
  • Zumos – login and show me how you are feeling and listen to the ‘How to be Happy’ recording, try some mindfulness time and explore the other activities.
  • phonicsplay.com or phonics workbooks
  • 15 minutes of reading

Maths Challenge:

Look at this part whole model and bar model.

  • How many tens and how many ones in 28?
  • How many is 2 tens?
  • What is the whole and what are the parts?

There are 4 ways that we can write addition equations for the part whole model and matching bar model.

Remember that the equal = sign means -” is the same as ” and doesn’t always need to go at the front.

We can say that 28 = 20 + 8 because 28 is the same as 20 + 8

In your blue books can you copy and complete these equations…

Poetry Challenge:

Here is a link to a website where you can watch some famous poets performing their poems. https://clpe.org.uk/poetryline/poets Why not watch a few of the videos and then tell us about your favourite one here on the blog.

  • What was it about?
  • Why did you like it?
  • How did it make you feel?

Spanish Challenge:

This term we have been trying to learn the names of some animals in Spanish. As Jose (our class expert) will be able to tell you my pronunciation is not the best but we have all given it a good go. Watch this video called ‘My uncle who is a farmer’ and try to sing along…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXr6QTZKPuA

Now try and practise this with someone at home.

You can ask..

(El Pato) que hace? (soft c)

What does the (the duck) say?

Then see if they can answer…. Quack quack quack!

Keep swapping around and changing the animals. How many can you remember?

And Finally…

let me wish you a happy and safe weekend. Remember that there is lots to do if you use your imagination and creativity. Keep checking the Mr Fielder and the Schools twitter to keep track of some ideas that the teachers are suggesting.

Why not join me for a spot of culture and watch a free live streaming of the 2010 royal ballet performance of Peter and the Wolf at 7pm tonight – it has wonderful music and dance. Follow the link to their facebook or youtube page here. https://www.roh.org.uk/news/the-royal-opera-house-launches-a-programme-of-free-online-content-for-the-culturally-curious-at-home

26th March 2020

Good morning Platypuses,

It has been so great to hear from some of you and your families through the blog. Do keep commenting and sharing some of your learning as we go along. It is really important for us to all feel connected as much as possible – plus I just love to hear how you are all doing!

English Challenge:

In phonics we have been focusing on the i-e split digraph sound as in hike or mine

Remember that you can login to phonics play for free now to practise your phonics.

In your blue book see if you can copy and complete these sentences by adding words that have the i-e split digraph.

Also if you like try to write down or draw what happens at the end of your version of the “Giraffes can’t dance” story.

Here is my ending…

Matty Mouse was sad. He did not think he could be strong like the other animals. But then he heard a clucking sound. It was the hen and she had been watching him. She told him that we are all strong if we work together. Matty mouse thought for a moment and then went back to the other animals. They watched as Matty went over to a big bag of grain. Then he squeaked as loud as he could. All of a sudden hundreds of mice came running out of the barn. Together they lifted the bag of grain right off the ground. The other animals were amazed!

Image result for weight lifting mouse

Maths Challenge:

Yesterday we looked at completing part whole diagrams using our knowledge of the groups of tens and the ones in 2 digit numbers.

Today I want you to try and write 2 addition and 2 subtraction equations for a part whole model like the example below..

Write your addition and subtraction equations for these part whole models. (Some of them you will have to complete first!)

E-Safety Challenge:

As we are all stuck at home at the moment adults and children are likely to be spending a little more time online.

The internet can be a great place for learning and entertainment but as we have often discussed in class it is very important to stay safe when you are online.

Please do the following e-safety activity and try to comment on the blog with one thing you must do or never do to stay safe online…http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/jessie-and-friends-videos/

Good Luck Platypus Class!