Tons of Transport Tuesday! – 14/07/20

Greetings Platypuses,

and remember your exercise as well! πŸ™‚


Today we will be learning about developing characters for our stories:

You will have done so much work on story writing soon that you will be a story writing extraordinaire!



Here are the answers to yesterday’s work:

In today’s lesson we are learning about telling the time to the half hour:


You could make your own transport from your design that you did yesterday or there is some inspiration below… (or you could do both!)

This term you have had the opportunity to make spaceships with Beegu, make boat art when we learnt about Windrush, we’ve made and/or drawn buses, aeroplanes and planes…so that is a lot of different types of transport! Here are some types of transport we haven’t made so far. If you don’t use them today you could keep them as activities for the holidays! πŸ™‚

Remember to use what you have to hand, you don’t always have to use exactly what is in the picture – get creative!

Do you know what all those types of transport are?

Let’s finish with a story…

What did you most enjoy learning about today?

Do stay in touch.

@MissLinsleyHMPS (twitter)

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley…and Mr Fielder πŸ™‚

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