Well-founded Wednesday – 01/07/20

Greetings Platypuses,

Welcome to the first day of July!

Today is “well-founded” because that is what your bridge will need to be…more on that later 🙂

Quick reminders…

Now onwards…


Well done for all your great Beegu work so far.

Yesterday we had this super work on adjectives in:

Today we are going to work on a character description.

We are going to start by learning more about character descriptions using Goldilocks and the Three Bears as an example:

Now create your own character description of Beegu!



Here are the answers to yesterday’s work:

In today’s lesson we are learning to recognise notes:


DT (Design Technology)

DT today is linked to our Transport Topic learning…do make sure you’ve done this week’s work about Isambard Kingdom Brunel via Google Classroom (set on Monday). Google Classroom is the future and the way we are moving forward in school so the more you practise now, the better! 🙂

Building bridges is our exciting challenge!

You will need to make sure your bridge has a good strong foundation – that means the bases need to be solid and supportive. You don’t have to use exactly the resources listed, use what you have and see how you get on; everyone’s bridge will be different!

Try to make your bridge strong enough to either hold the weight of a toy car or a number of coins.

I can’t wait to see some photos!

Let’s finish with a story…

What have you most enjoyed learning about today?

Do keep in touch. It has been great to hear from a few more of you recently!


@MissLinsleyHMPS (twitter)

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley…and Mr Fielder 🙂

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