Fabulous Friday – 26/06/20

Greetings Platypuses,

Today is Friday and it would be fabulous if I could have everyone’s Pupil Comments in please and also please send your photos in so I can put together your class photo.

Well done to everyone who made the deadline!

Remember to access your music lesson:


Let’s start the day with some…



As we’re going into the weekend I thought why not have a (loosely) linked art activity, so here you go…

You’ve considered and discussed which transport changed the world for the better so now have fun making the world!

Here are the instructions:


Or you could try this one which is pretty self-explanatory and could be made with magazine scraps or scraps of coloured paper of any kind.


For a change from BBC Bitesize why not write your response to the P4C question instead?

There are several ways you could approach it:

  • You could make lists of the positive (good) and negative (bad) ways different transport has changed the world and then draw a conclusion as to which has changed the world most in a positive way and write that as a sentence or two at the end.
  • You could write a letter to the person who invented whichever type of transport you think changed the world for the better telling them why you think their invention is so great and thanking them.
  • You could write about a journey you have taken on the type of transport that you think changed the world for the better.

I would love to see your writing!


Here are the answers to yesterday’s work:

Here are the Friday challenges!

If you go to the website you can download a certificate once you’ve finished


Let’s finish with a story…

Here are the lovely photos of this week’s learning – enjoy!

What did you most enjoy learning about today?

Remember to send in your Pupil Comment please, the deadline is TODAY!

Stay in touch.


@MissLinsleyHMPS (twitter)

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley…and Mr Fielder 🙂

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