We are aware Wednesday – 17/06/20

Greetings Platypuses,

I am calling today ‘We are aware Wednesday’ because we are going to be thinking about being aware of our online safety as part of our learning and we are going to learn about refugees through our storytime today.

I also recommend Joe Wicks for regular workouts in place of PE:


He has 5 minute workouts for children as well as his daily 30 minute children’s workouts at 9am.

Also for some exercise and calm whilst still being fun Cosmic Kids Yoga is great:




Please note because we had Science Day yesterday we will be working one day behind for this week, so today’s work is designed to be Tuesday’s.

Days of the week, capital letters and nouns today!



Here are the answers from Monday:

As explained above in English we will be working the same way in Maths this week – one day behind.

If you would like the worksheets emailed please let me know.

Time for Lesson 2 – Making Doubles!



Time to focus on online safety! Also known as e-safety or staying safe online.

Home activity pack 7:


Watch a Jessie & Friends video to complete your e-safety learning for today:


Well done to Muhammad who has made lots of progress on code.org this week…not sure where every other Platypus went though!

Jose I realised that you have somehow never been set up with a password for which we apologise, please email and I will send it out to you.

Let’s see who can make some more progress before next week!


Let’s finish with a story…

This week is Refugee Week. Watch the story below, learn a bit about what it is to be a refugee and take a look at the pictures that illustrate the related rights, then talk to your adult.

What does it mean to be a refugee?

How do you think refugees feel when they first have to leave their homes?

The images above come from the first book pictured below and the next set of images come from the second:

Here are some other illustrations of your rights that will help with your discussion:

What are some of the reasons that make people have to become refugees?

Why do you think some people are unkind to refugees?

Some countries try to turn refugees away, why do you think they do that? Do you think this is something that our country should do?

What did you learn today?

Do stay in touch.


@MissLinsleyHMPS (twitter)

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley…and Mr Fielder 🙂

4 thoughts on “We are aware Wednesday – 17/06/20

  1. Fantastic. It is great to see Refugee Week learning making an impact and bringing up meaningful conversations. Thank you 🙂


  2. thank you for the work today.
    Some people dont like refugees because they feel they are prioritized in social housing and feel threatened that they are here to take all the jobs. However most refugees pay taxes and go to work and contribute to society. They are doctors, teachers, scientists etc.
    They have often escaped war and only want to make a better life for their families and be free to be who they are. As humans we all have a right to be free from all oppression and as humans we should have a duty to help those less fortunate.

    Muhammad and mummy

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