Wakey-wakey Wednesday! – 10/06/20

Greetings Platypuses,

I’m calling today wakey-wakey Wednesday because you all need to wakey-wakey to code.org…not enough progress being made young Platypuses! As the Computing leader for the school I am shocked! That’s right shocked!

Let’s see some more progress please!


Congratulations to Dennis who has completed the course! Dennis I recommend that you challenge yourself further with some Hour of Code activities on the website (they don’t have to take an hour) I’m also seeing some good effort from Kiyana, Daniel and David.

Dennis’ adults if you send me an email I’ll pop the certificate over to you 🙂

So daily tasks…

Now time for…


Today we are learning about the zh sound

Now spell the following words:

  • pleasure
  • treasure
  • casual
  • television
  • usual

Now practise your high frequency words:

Can you beat the voice? You could always turn the sound off to really challenge yourself!


Today’s lesson is all about zig-zag letters:


I’d love to see your writing using zig-zag letter as well as super spelling, grammar and punctuation!

If you needed some added writing inspiration you could write about your bus learning or about Rosa Parks.

London bus and the London Eye
Rosa Parks


Here are the answers to yesterday’s work:

Today’s lesson is about counting in 10s (Lesson 3):


World Oceans Day – Rights Respecting

Technically this was on Monday so I’m a little bit behind, but better late that never!

Learning about the oceans is part of one of your rights – as seen in the article above – you have the right to a clean and safe environment. It is also part of our responsibility as humans to look after this planet and try to repair some of the damage that has been done to it. We need to save our oceans.

Discuss what you can do to help save the oceans.

Why not finish by painting or drawing a beautiful picture of what the oceans should look like?

You could try creating one like this…

If you’d like to learn some more about plastic pollution, then this website comes recommended from F’s family…


They have a YouTube channel as well where they give lessons twice a week:

This lesson so inspired a certain Platypus that he was determined to do a beach clean of his own!

Let’s finish with a final story. This one is read by my friend Miss Williams who many of you have met. She teaches Reception at Ashmole Primary which is very nearby and one of the other schools in our federation. Enjoy the story 🙂

I hope you enjoyed today’s learning. What did you find most interesting to learn about?

Do stay in touch.


@MissLinsleyHMPS (twittter)

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley…and Mr Fielder 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wakey-wakey Wednesday! – 10/06/20

  1. Hi Muhammad, well done. The phonics can be quite challenging so just keep practising. I’m very pleased to hear about the coding! 🙂
    Great learning about the oceans, the changes that we can all make will make a difference. You’re welcome. Have a lovely evening


  2. Hi Jovani 🙂 How does it feel to be one year older?! The phonics can be challenging but don’t worry just keep practising, there is no rush.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the literacy and maths, well done it sound like you’re doing really well with your understanding of counting in larger amounts. Keep building that confidence.

    That is really beautiful to hear, I think that would be a wonderful party to have and what a great message to spread! Sounds like you are making some super positive changes, well done. You can really make a difference.

    I will pass on your thanks to Miss Williams 🙂
    Have a lovely evening


  3. Hi miss linsley/ mr fielder
    Muhammad tried hard on his phonics and managed to do some code today.
    He also learnt that to help our oceans more we should reuse as much as we can, reduce or use less or no plastic at all and and recycle as much as possible.

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello Miss Lindsey,

    Jovani struggled a little today with his phonics but we will continue to keep practising.

    He really enjoyed his literacy and maths work today. He is now starting to understand that he dosent have to count each one individually and count in 10s more confidently.

    We watched the videos and slide shows for ocean day and Jovani has decided as it falls on his birthday, next year he wants to have an ocean birthday to promote awareness. To help the ocean we discussed it and decided to try not to buy products that have plastic, to recycle more and throw things away properly.

    Thank you Miss Williams for the story!


    Liked by 1 person

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