Thrilling Thursday – 04/06/20

Greetings Platypuses!

As you now know it is me, Miss Linsley, writing your blog. I’m thrilled to take on this new challenge and provide blog learning for two classes now! Adults are always taking on new challenges just like you are πŸ™‚

Mr Fielder and I talk daily about your learning and how you are getting on. For those of you who started back at school yesterday I hope you had a great day first day back and for those of you who are leaning at home I hope you are enjoying the beginning of this term’s learning.

So let’s get started with today…


Today we are learning the split digraph i-e

Today’s high frequency word to learn is…

High frequency words are words that occur (appear) a lot in writing and speech. They don’t have a much meaning by themselves but add a lot of meaning to a sentence. Other examples include the, and, as. am…and many, many more! We encourage you to learn to recognise them and they are sometimes also called sight words. Some you can work out using your phonics knowledge e.g. as whereas others like ‘the’ are tricky.

Practise writing:

  • bride
  • nine
  • kite
  • bike
  • slide
  • prize

Can you write this sentence?

I hide under the slide.

Extension: I tried to ride my bike at night. What happened? Write your answer down.


Learn about suffixes with the BBC Bitesize lesson:


Now you are actually super lucky because you get to enjoy both whole school books…that’s right there are actually two!

The second one is called The Garden of Hope and it also forms part of your PSHCE learning:

How did you feel hearing the story?

Did it bring up any questions? Share those with your adults.

What are some ideas that you have or things that you would like to do if you are feeling sad or confused or worried?

The book may have given you some ideas, talk with your adult about any you have.

Now would be a good time to talk with your adult about anything that has been bothering you.

Apart from talking about our feelings, which can be hard for some people, one of the ways we can express ourselves is through art. Art is all about self-expression which means expressing ourselves and that can be expressing our happiness, our sadness, our anger and anything in-between.

When I was little like you and I was upset or cross I wasn’t very good at talking about it so my mama would get out big sheets of paper and pens or paint and encourage me to use paint or pens to express (to show) how I was feeling. Art like this doesn’t have to look like something like a picture of an angry person or a sad person it can simply be lots of colour splattered on a page or twirls with a pen.

How are you feeling today? Express yourself artistically!


First of all here are the answers to yesterday’s work:

Today’s lesson is about measuring capacity. If you are able to, do have a go at practically measuring capacity – lots of fun too!

Here are today’s worksheets:


To begin with I want you to watch this video…can you work out what we’re learning about in science today?

If you worked out the seasons then you are correct!

This video explains why we have seasons:

Which season do you think we are learning about today?

That’s right…summer! June is the start of summer. Learn more about this season below:

More in-depth instructions are in the slideshow below:

I hope you enjoyed today’s learning.

If you would like to share the work you have been doing at home do send pictures in and I will collate them into a slideshow on the Friday blog and share them via twitter.

The email address remains the same as I have access to it

but please tweet to me


If you would like feedback on the literacy work you can email that in.

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Thrilling Thursday – 04/06/20

  1. Hi πŸ™‚ I was so impressed with the suffixes work that you sent through – well done Jovani! I’m glad you’re understanding better, you are clearly putting in a lot of hard work.
    Yes the book brings up some mixed emotions but it is always good to talk about these. I hope you enjoy today’s learning x


  2. Hi Miss Linsey,

    Jovani really enjoyed his English suffixes activity work today. Was really good as we was able to discuss words and see if they made sense in sentences which helped him to understand a lot better.
    We have just watched your book reading as a bedtime book. He said the book made him feel happy at the end but sad that Maya’s mum had gone away.

    Liked by 1 person

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