Wonder and Wednesday

Hi Platypuses,

So there is some good bad news and some good news…Bad news: This will be my last blog post for the time being as from tomorrow I will be welcoming back some more children to school! Good news: The blogtastic Miss Linsley will be taking over! As you know we spend alot of time in eachother’s classrooms anyway so this won’t be much of (a virtual)change! I will be working with her closely to make sure that you have the best year 1 home learning experience possible.

Sound of the day e_e (split digraph)

Whole school book Day 2

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse I love this book I really do… if you have a birthday coming up or even if you have just been really, really, amazingly well behaved and deserve a little present I think you should ask for it – plus I am sure your grown up will love it too!



In the introduction to the book the author says this…They (the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse) are all different, like us, and each has their own weaknesses. I can see myself in all four of them, perhaps you can to?

Which character do you feel you are like and when?

For example…

I feel like the horse when I look after my little brother.

I feel like the boy when I look out my window at the trees.

Maths Home Learning

Yesterday’s answers:

Today’s lesson is all about capacity and volume. Again if you have a some empty containers at home try and get some practical experience of finding capacity. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

Have a great day everyone and speak to you all soon!

Mr Fielder

6 thoughts on “Wonder and Wednesday

  1. I have passed your thanks on to Mr Fielder, it is lovely you appreciate your teacher Jovani 🙂 Miss Linsley


  2. Hi Muhammad, that is such a good observation, it is also important to listen.
    There are times to talk and times to listen.
    Super advice for the boy as well. I’m glad you know who to talk to and that you have such great advice to give to your friends and classmates.
    Good job doing your work 🙂 Miss Linsley


  3. Hello
    My advice to the fox is its ok if you feel you have nothing interesting to say, its also important to listen too.

    My advice to the boy, its ok to feel lost sometimes. Talk to a friend, family or a teacher, or ask for help to make you feel better.

    Thank you for the work


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