Transportation Tuesday

Welcome back to the blog everyone. This term’s topic is about ‘Transport’ – that means the things we use to move around: bikes, cars, buses, planes….I am sure that you can think of lots more!

This term we are going to experiment with using a google classroom for some of our topic learning. It might be a bit complicated at first so you will need an adult to help you log in and get started. But I think it will offer a great new way to support you with your home learning….

Step 1: Find your personal school email address and password that you were given before school closed. These end in (if you can’t find it email me at

Step 2: Go to google classrooms

Step 3: Sign in by using the first part of your school email but changing to and then use the same email password.

Step 4: Enter as a student and you should see Platypus classroom were 3 assignments have been set for this week.

Start with the presentation: How has transport changed? Read the slides and watch the videos. When you get to the timeline task click on the the second assignment Transport Timeline. This is a google document that you can open a copy of and edit. Complete the tasks by dragging the pictures and words to the right place. Your work will be saved automatically. Finally do the ‘Transport over time quiz’ to see how much you have learnt. You have all week to complete the tasks…let me know how you get on and if you like the google classroom by leaving a comment in the classroom or the blog.

Whole School Book Day 1

At the beginning of each term at Herbert Morrison we like to start with a whole school book that we can all share, enjoy and use to inspire our writing. This term it is a very special book indeed…

Maths Home Learning

First these are the answers to yesterday’s questions:

Today lesson is about ‘comparing mass’

If you have some scales in the house or you made some balance scales yesterday see if you can use them to answer these questions….

Which is the heavier and apple or a banana?

Which is heavier a pencil or a pen?

Find some other things to compare and then answer the questions below

And finally story time…

Blog you all tomorrow!

Mr Fielder

7 thoughts on “Transportation Tuesday

  1. Hi Persephone. Miss Linsley here 🙂 Great description of the Mole. Next steps are to try and use joining words to link your sentences. You’ve used your phonics well to spell ‘afraid’ (great adjective) but you could learn the proper spelling now, its a useful one to know 🙂


  2. Hi Mr Fielder,
    I have the whole school book at home. We read it today.
    Here is my description of the Mole:
    The Mole is greedy for cake. The Mole is brave because he saved the Fox. He calms the Boy down when he is afrayed. The Mole is honest. The Mole is a good friend to everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Mr Fielder,
    Apologies, Persephone just tried to do the timeline task and we tried on the app and a computer and the pictures and words would not drag. We could not type in the words either. Again, not sure if I am missing something?
    Kind regards


  4. Hi Grace, good to know. I think next week I will be able to make it a bit simpler and put all the tasks into one assignment!


  5. Hi Grace,
    When you go to the timeline assignment and click it should open another page. On the right you should see a box that says ‘your work’. In the box there should be a button with a document and Persephone’s name. Click on this and that should open the word document – view only – then at the top click open with google docs. Then Persephone should be able to edit her version of the document…. please let me know how you get on!


  6. Hello Mr Fielder,
    I hope you had a nice half term. The transport timeline task does not seem to be available. The slide show worked ok but there’s nothing to click on for the timeline. Not sure if we are doing something wrong?
    Kind regards


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