Magnificent Monday

Welcome back to our Year 1 home learning blog. I hope you all had a peaceful half term and a belated happy Eid to all our Muslim class members.

It is time to get started on our final term of home learning for this school year. There is a new addition to your daily home learning tasks this week which is to ask your grownup to setup a free duo lingo account using their email here: You can then use this web based program to help you practise some basic Spanish everyday (remember that a little and often is the key to success here!)

Phonics sound of the day: a_e (split digraph)

Now what a_e split digraph words can you remember. Try writing some down in your books with your best handwriting !

Spellings Term 6 Week 1

This week’s spelling challenge is to make sure you can spell all the number words up to 10. Some of these are easy because you can use your phonics but some are tricky and you just need to remember how to spell them. Practise each word by writing them in your blue books in your best handwriting each day. They will also feature in your challenge on Sumdog spelling!

Maths Home Learning

Today’s Maths is looking at measuring mass. There are some worksheet questions below but if you can find or make your own balance scales then this is really the best learning you can do!

English Home Learning

In your bbc bitesize lesson today you will practise using capital letters and fullstops to mark sentences. Then you will hear part of story called Sam Silver: Undercover Pirate and think about some fantastic pirate themed sentences to write.

Why not add an illustration to go with your sentences too.

Right that all for today folks!

Mr Fielder

2 thoughts on “Magnificent Monday

  1. Thanks very much for the work today. Muhammad did well with the a_e words and worked on his spellings 1-10. He also had a go writing about pirates. He also enjoyed the math
    Thanks again🙂


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