Feeling Fresh Friday

It is the final blog post of Term 5. You have done some excellent home learning this term. I have really enjoyed seeing the bits of work you have sent in and I am so proud of all your efforts.

Don’t forget to complete your daily tasks today of Zumos, Sumdog (there is a new Maths quiz to try), Phonics play and Code.org. Also don’t forget to make time to read with and adult using books at home or the electronic books using the oxford owl class login (there is a good book on castles there which would go well with this terms topic).

Also a only a couple of you managed to complete the quiz on plants from yesterday’s blog – so if you get the chance scroll down to the link and have a go!

Sound of the day: au

Can you read these words to find the real ones?

fauping shauk launch mauck

raubing gastrobaut astronaut author

English Home Learning:

Enjoy today’s reading focused lesson based on the book “Attack of the demon dinner ladies “https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z627mfr

Maths Home Learning

Visit the White Rose Website or bbc bitesize to have a go at the Friday Maths Challenge – questions 1,2 and 3 the most suitable for year 1https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

Philosophy Friday

One of the things I miss most about school is our P4C sessions together – hearing your thoughts and opinions about big ideas and coming up with really juicy questions together…

Take a look at this picture…

In the Eye of the Storm - Second Spring

What can you see?

How does it make you feel? Is there anything strange about it?

What big ideas does it make you think of? (remember dragons may be big but they are not a big idea…)

Ask your adult at home to share their ideas……

Now watch this video clip and discuss share your thoughts with your family at home. Remember to listen to their ideas too. That is caring thinking.

Right that’s it! Have a fantastic half term everyone. Do send me some pictures of your natural art if you haven’t already so I can share them with the rest of the school.

No full blog next week but I will try to post a daily reading from Daisy and the trouble with zoos so try to check in!

The Year 1 blog will be back next term come what may.

Wish you all the very best Platypuses x

Mr Fielder

3 thoughts on “Feeling Fresh Friday

  1. Muhammad thinks it is terrible but he thinks the knight has to do something to protect the princess and himself from harm. We spoke about if there was another way to save the princess?
    In those times they didnt have tranquilizers so perhaps there was no other way especially if it could breath out fire.
    We definitely dont eat much meat, the thought of killing an animal for food isnt a nice image.
    Thanks for the work, much appreciated as always. Have a good week off
    Take care and stay safe
    Muhammad and family


  2. Hi Persephone, I’m glad you had such a strong brain streching think about the picture. Interesting that if you were the Princess you would feel scared… how would you feel if you were the knight? (Also the knight does look very young don’t you think) I’m not sure if it is ok to kill dragons or not? I mean they don’t really exist so maybe it is ok to ‘slay’ them? But I’m not sure – I think slaying things is proably always bad…real creatures or made up creatures! But then is it better to slay an evil dragon who has done something wrong…or kill an animal for food?


  3. Hi Mr Fielder,
    I was looking at the picture and at first I thought the princess was taking her dragon for a walk because it looks like she is holding onto the rope. But the knight probably wouldn’t be trying to kill the dragon if it was a friendly pet. My mummy thinks it’s a picture of Saint George and the dragon and I think Saint George is trying to rescue the princess. The picture makes me feel scared because if I was the princess I would think I might be killed. I also feel sad for the dragon because he is going to die.
    From Persephone


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