Thunder Storms Thursday ?

Hello! Welcome to Thursday home learning blog,

Don’t forget that your spelling quiz should be live on Sumdog today.

Your daily tasks are…

Today’s sound of the day: oe

Your words clues for today. Write the answers in your books…

A female deer….

It is on the end of your foot….

They are red and juicy….

He doesn’t come he…..

It is important to remember that there are other ways to spell the same sound…

Here is a video to remind you!

Challenge: Write down the words you remember from the video….

English Home Learning

Today’s bitesize lesson looks at writing using the days of the week. These might come up in one of your spelling tests next term so important to start practising them.

Maths Home Learning

Yesterday’s answers…

Week 5 Lesson 4: Introducing Weight and Mass

Find today lesson looking at using balance scales to compare weight of objects here:

As an optional challenge why not put your construction skills to the test and see if you can create your own set of balance scales…

Weigh to Go: 9 DIY Balance Scales
How To Make Balance Scales for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Go ...
Kathy Griffin's Teaching Strategies: Math and Science Fun with ...

Science Home Learning – Plants

Start today’s lesson by looking through these slides…

Challenge: Can you draw your own diagram of a plant and a tree labelling all the parts. Don’t forget to show what parts are underground too…

Include labels for these parts….

stem trunk leaf branches roots flower blossom

Below is a link to a little quiz to see how much you have learnt about plants this term…

NB: I have been learning a bit about using goggle tools to support the remote learning but this is an experimentI hope it works!

And finally it’s story time…

Have a great day and I hope my prediction of thunder storms doesn’t come true..

Mr Fielder

1 thought on “Thunder Storms Thursday ?

  1. Thanks Mr Fielder for the work today. Really enjoyed learning about plants and trees


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