Ruby Tuesday

Hello Platypuses,

Fabulous to have you back on the blog today!

Don’t forget your daily tasks…

Sounds of the day: wh and ph

Can you find the real words?

whip whup wheel phonics

phobics when whob phim

Can you put the words in this sentence in the correct order…

whirls dolphin The sea. in

elephant ride. Which will you

Maths home learning

Summer Week 5 Lesson 2: Measuring length and height (1)

In today’s lesson you will see that you don’t need any special equipment to start practising to measure at home.

Here is the White Rose worksheet:

History – The Tower of London

Today we will be learning about a castle that is not too far away from our school and where we live and that is ‘The Tower of London’

What do you know about the Tower of London already? You might remember the story of Katie in London that we read before Christmas. In that story the Lion takes Katie to visit the Tower and see something special… do you remember what it was? Some of you might have been to visit the Tower of London already?

Factfile Challenge:

Can you create a poster or booklet to tell visitors to London about the Tower of London?

Remember to include:

  1. Why was it first built?
  2. How has it been used over the years?
  3. What is it used for now?

You could use these pictures to help inspire you…

Also why not try this online game. You might need a little adult help so try it together…

Story Time…

Have a great day everyone,

Mr Fielder

2 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday

  1. Hello mr fielder
    Muhammad enjoyed the maths and learning about the tower of london.
    Thanks for todays work


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