Thumbs Up Thursday

Welcome back everyone,

I hope you enjoyed national numeracy day yesterday. Nobody should be scared of maths and all of us are numbers people #everyonecounts!

Congratulations you are currently 219th in the national competition – not bad at all considering 5800 classes were entered! Did you know that in the competition so far 7,152,157 questions have been answered correctly….that is a big number but after yesterday’s story you might start to imagine just how big! It would be amazing if we could push ourselves back into the top 100 though so keep going !

Remember you other daily tasks of Zumdog, Phonics play and Oh and most importantly to read with an adult!

Our sound of the day is ey:

Can you read the words and decide which are the real ones and which ones I made up?

hubley donkey flaggey numpey valley turkey

Can you think of any words spelt with ey?

Maths Home Learning

Important note for adults: As you may realise the worksheets for the Maths are no longer available for free on the White Rose website. A few parents have asked if they could be sent the files so they could print them. Anna and Daniel’s Mum has kindly sent me some emails addresses for families who might want them and I have emailed today and tomorrows to them. If you would also like the worksheets but didn’t get them then please email me at and I will add you to the mailing list. Don’t worry though I will continue to put them on the blog as well.

Here are the answers for Tuesday’s Maths questions…

Lesson 3 – Add and subtract worded problems

Please find today’s lesson video here. You will be focusing on solving word problems so it will be a good chance for you to practise reading too!

And here are today’s questions for you to try in your blue books…

Remember there is always plenty more practise available at

English Home Learning

In today’s lesson you will be reviewing how and when to use exclamation marks at the end of a sentence. You will then be using this to help you create an eye catching poster to help people stay safe around a pond. Enjoy! (exclamation mark)

Science Home Learning

Firstly take a look at this short video and see if you can answer these questions…

What is happening to the tree?

What season is it?

What else happens during this season?

Today we are going to be thinking about trees (which are plants too remember).

Right now make sure you can say these tricky words out loud… deciduous and evergreen. Don’t worry I wan’t ask you to spell them just yet!

Have a look at these trees. The left side show the tree in summer and the right side shows the tree in winter. Can tell which ones are deciduous and which ones are evergreen?

Now log on to busy things (remember you can use your school email address) and try these activities in the year 1 and 2 science section…

Great work today everybody…nearly Friday now!

Mr Fielder

8 thoughts on “Thumbs Up Thursday

  1. Well done Muhammad! Exactly plants are key part of life on earth. That is why it is so important to protect the nature.


  2. Hi Jovani, I will add you to the mailing list for the WR resources. I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t login to busy things. When you go to the website try using LGFL login section. Email me if it still doesn’t work.


  3. Fantastic description of Autumn Persephone – I remember that you actually wrote a fantastic poem about Autumn at the start of year 1 too!


  4. Hi Mr Fielder,
    The leaves on the tree are changing colour and they are floating down to the ground.
    The season is autumn. In autumn animals prepare to hibernate by getting loads of nuts. You can also make a bonfire with the leaves.


  5. Hi Mr Fielder,

    Yes, please can I have the rose sheets send to me to as I have been copying it out in his blue book every day!

    He really enjoyed maths and english today. I have emailed you his drawing what he did with his sister.

    His busy things email/password was not working so I have signed up for the free trail. We did the plants activity sheet. Jovani said there is loads of silver birch trees in school. He is now enjoying other activities on there…..



  6. Muhammad worked hard on his math. To answer your question, Muhammad has learned that without plants or trees, humans and animals couldnt exist. Plants and trees produce oxygen that we need to breath to survive.

    Thanks mr fielder


  7. Kiyana thank you for your answers to the questions – I’m glad you are enjoying the plants topic it’s such an important part of science. Without plants what would happen to us?


  8. Good morning Mr Fielder.

    Kiyana is enjoying the plants topic in Science. We spotted a tree that looked like a Christmas tree in the park last week. We now know the proper term for them are Fir trees.

    Here are her answers to the questions relating to the tree video…

    What is happening to the tree? “ Leaves are changing colour and then they fall off”

    What season is it? “Autumn “

    What else happens during the season? “It gets colder”


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