Fantastic Friday

Good Morning Platypus Class,

I hope everyone is well and have enjoyed your home learning this week. One more day to go and then you can ‘put your feet up’ or ‘down’ or ‘shake them all about’ at the weekend!

There are a few more precious hours of the Sumdog contest left as a I write this, so I can’t let you know your final place right now. But I do remember my promise to you if you came in the top 500 so lets see…check back on the blog at 5.00pm and you might find something that makes you smile and me very cold and wet….

Don’t forget you normal daily tasks of Zumos, Sumdog, Phonics play and reading with an adult.

Sound of the day: aw and au

How many au or aw words can you think of or remember from the videos ?

Can you write your own funny sentence using some au and aw words in it?

Here is my go…

In August I like to eat prawns with sharp claws.

Maths Home Learning:

First yesterday’s answers…

Lesson 4 – Compare number sentences

Todays lesson we will be using the phrases greater than, equal to and less than and the symbols that go with them > = < . Now we have used these before but only with numbers so today’s challenge is to see if you can use them to compare number sentences like 2 + 2 and 1 + 3 as well (these are equal by the way)…

Here are your questions for today..

For more practise and some Friday challenges head over to….

bbc bitesize

English Home Learning


So Platypus class I hope you have had lots of great times since the school had to close. But it has been a hard time in some ways too. Especially because we have not been able to see the friends and family who we love so much to keep everyone safe. So today’s activity is to help us think about what we can de to feel a little better about this…

P4C (philosophy for children) Friday

So some of us are missing the people we love and I’m sure you came up with some great ways to help let them know you care…

But I have a question….(it’s a biggy so watch out!)

What is love?

Watch this video and have a think…

Are there different kinds of love?

How will you show me your thinking…maybe you could design a poster about love – Can you draw the different kinds of love you can think of?

Spanish Home Learning

Try out this week’s Spanish lesson here at the Oak Academy and learn how to say your age (don’t ask mine please!)

Finally story time….

7 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday

  1. Hello Mr Fielder,

    My funny sentence is:
    I like to be taught by a crocodile with wobbly claws.

    PSHCH activity:
    1. Send videos during activities like cooking, baking and learning
    2. Send letter
    3. Watch old videos to remind you of the person.
    4. Play bubbles to cheer u up
    5. Send friendly messages.

    What is love:
    Discussed with Jovani and he said love means loving humans and loving things.


  2. Hola mr fielder, como estas?
    Me llamo Muhammad, me tengo sies anos.

    Love is….
    It is a strong feeling about who you like or what you like. You can show people you love them by treating people with respect, being kind and generous.
    I love my family, my friends, my teacher, my toys and I especially love oreo cookies!

    Muchos gracias mr fielder


  3. Hello Mr Fielder,

    To the question what is love? Kiyana and myself discussed that it means many things to everyone, and it is not just an action or word it’s also a feeling. And yes there are different types of love that we have for the people in our lives, for things we like doing, for things we have and love for pets if we have them.

    Here are a few things that were mentioned. Love is…

    Things you have/enjoy
    Love can bring happiness and sadness
    Love is what gives life purpose and meaning

    Kiyana has also drawn a picture


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITAJ XX I hope you have a fantastic day with your family. 6 years old…so grown up!


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