Wonderful Numeracy Wednesday

Today is National Numeracy Day so instead of the normal blog routine I thought that we would mix it up a bit and have a bit of a Maths focus today.

The Sumdog contest is going really well so make sure that you devote some time to really pushing up our class score today. I think we can definitely pull off a top one hundred finish if you all work together (from home!)

Online Maths Festival

Follow the link to the national numeracy day website where they will be hosting an online festival with some exciting guests. Let me know what you manage to watch and what it made you think about…The author Lauren Child is doing a free reading! There is also lots for your grown ups too…https://numeracyday.com

National Numeracy Day Challenge One

National Numeracy Day Challenge Two

National Numeracy Day Challenge Three

Mathematical English Challenge

Listen to this story about a penguin who has a big question about a certain number…

Can you think of any other questions you have about maths or numbers?

  • Try and write them down. Don’t forget a question mark…if you send them to me I will see if twitter has the answers!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I imagine that numbers have their own little characters (maybe I’m just a bit strange!)

Could you imagine a number as a character. What would they be like? Can you describe them?

Maths Riddles:

Here are some maths riddles that I made up. Can you answer them and make up your maths riddle?

1. Some people call be ‘strange’ and I’m difficult to share – what am I?

2. Some parts of me are long and some parts of me are short. I can be fat or thin and big or small – what am I?

3. I am a number that has the same amount as letters as me – what am I?

4. I sit on top of a clock at the midnight hour, you can half me and half me again to make 3 – what am I?

An finally

See you tomorrow!

Mr Fielder

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Numeracy Wednesday

  1. See Muhammad! Numbers really are all around us and we really are all numbers people!


  2. Muhammad went around the house like Geraldine and found all these with numbers:
    Tv remote
    Letters with dates on them
    Barcodes on food
    Number at the front door
    Washing machine

    Thanks for the work today


  3. Hello, Mr fielder I’ve done my work for today. The riddles you gave were really hard but I liked them


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