Twisty Twirly Tuesday

Good Morning everyone and welcome to our Tuesday home learning blog.

Firstly amazing news… We are currently 42nd in the National Sumdog competition! That is 42nd out of 1000’s of classes all around the country. Amazing work.

Remember your daily tasks are to log on and do some activities of Zumos and Sumdog. Practise your phonics on phonics play or using the bbc bitesize phonics games. Reading to an adult for 10 to 15 minutes.

Sound of the day is….. ay

How many words can you write down that are spelt with the ay grapheme?

Here are some clues to help you!

He made the pot out of….

The cat didn’t have a home, it was a….

It was raining so we couldn’t go outside to…..

He carried the glasses on a….

Maths Home Learning

Firstly here are the answers to yesterday’s White Rose Questions

Today is lesson 2 – Subtract within 20

Watch the video carefully and then try to copy and answer these questions in your blue books. You could create your own number line to 20 or tens frames to help you…

English Home Learning

Something fishy is going on here…and its your bbc bitesize English lesson.

Today you will be writing all about what lies underneath the ocean. Another favourite topic of yours I know! Watch the videos and then write some super sentences. Don’t forget to share


History – Life inside a medieval castle

What was it like to live in a castle?

What jobs did people do?

Look at the slides to find out more…

Here is an example of a diary entry from a cook living in a castle…

Some more information can be found here…


Can you write a list of people who lived in the castle?

If you want to really challenge yourself pick one of these people and write down three things you think they would do in a normal day….

And today chapter of Daisy and the Trouble with Zoos….

5 thoughts on “Twisty Twirly Tuesday

  1. Well done Jovani, you guessed all the ay words correctly. Great sentence writing and use of ‘and’ – fantastic effort as always!


  2. Hello Mr Fielder,

    Here is my work for today.

    He made the pot out of…Clay
    The cat didn’t have a home, it was a…stray
    It was raining so we couldn’t go outside to…Play
    He arrived the glasses on a….Tray

    Some fish are….yellow and blue
    Plankton is made up of lots of tiny….plants and animals
    In the ocean there are fish that are….small and big.
    Oceans are…large and wet.


  3. Hi Persephone, a nooca nooca whata whata fish? I am googling it now obviously to see one. I can definitely see why it also has another name as well! Keep up the great work !


  4. Hello Mr Fielder,
    I have been at the bottom of the ocean.
    I can see a homa homa nooca nooca acwa (huma huma nuka nuka apua’a*) and a white shark.
    *Mummy didn’t know what that was and had to check it was a real fish. It’s also known as a reef triggerfish.
    I can see a spider crab and a clam stuck to its leg.
    I can see manortees and jeleefish.
    From Persephone


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