Motivation Monday

Welcome back to the blog Platypus class. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend and were able to celebrate VE day safely at home. It’s time to get back into your routine and get set for another week of home learning.

Congratulations to all of you who have been recoding very high scores on Sumdog. Remember that this week is the National Contest. We currently have 8 children having payed since Friday and need two more to qualify so get going everyone!

Daily tasks to be completed each day:

  • Zumos
  • Sumdog – Maths, spelling and grammar
  • Phonics play
  • Daily reading with and adult
  • Coding activities on

This weeks spellings:

Remember to practise these in your blue book by writing them out 5 times. You can even try to write them in a sentence. The spelling test will be available on Sumdog on Thursday and Friday!

Sound of the day: oy

Can you read the oy words and find the real ones?

coyk toy inpoy umbroy

shoyk enjoy destroy boy

Now can you remember another way that this sound can be spelt…watch this:

Now use your blue book to make a list of 5 oy words you remember and 5 oi words you remember.

Maths Home Learning: Week 4 – Lesson One – Add by making 10

Today will be looking at adding by making 10 first. It may be useful if you can get an adult to help your draw your own tens frames like you see in the video and find or make some counters of two different colours ( you could trap using lego bricks if you have some? ).

Here are some ideas…

The video lesson is here:

Now try to complete these activities in your blue books…

For more videos and some alternative practise activities go and visit the bbc bitesize website:

English Home Learning

Today lesson looks at using your phonics to write some super sentences about the ‘rain forest’ Do you know what a rain forest is? Do you know where in the world you can find a rainforest? Do you know what animals live in a rainforest? Write down your sentences in the blue book…

Story Time

2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. Muhammad thank you for your fantastic information about the rainforest. I am amazed that there are 3000 types of fruit – I’m not sure I could name more than 10 pieces of fruit. Have a go everyone how many can you name?


  2. Muhammad worked really hard on maths and what he learned about the rainforests is they are hot and it rains alot. He also said you can find Howler monkeys that hang by its tail, Jaguars and butterflies. We found out that there are 3000 types of fruit found in the Amazon rainforest.

    Thanks for the work today Mr Fielder


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