Special VE Day Blog

Hello Platypus Class,

Today is a national holiday and the whole country is remembering a very special day 75 years ago when the second world war came to end in Europe.

Here is news report with some video of that day – you might be able to imagine what it was like. Many people’s lives had been disrupted by the war and some people had died. But the news came that the war was over and people were very happy that the danger was over and they could start to return to a normal way of life.Today we celebrate the end of that terrible war and also think about all the people who help and protect us!

How will you celebrate VE while staying safe at home?

Here are a few ideas…

You could create a medal for a hero – who will you give it to and why?

Plan a tea-party to celebrate to end of WW2 in Europe.

What food would you serve?

Where would you hold the party? Who would you invite?

Write an acrostic poem about VE Day where the first word in each line of the poem starts with the letters in the words VE DAY






Create Union Flag bunting or flags to decorate your window or to hang up inside or outside of your house on Friday 8th May.

Create your own 1940s-style photo.

Dress up in 1940s-style and take a photo.  You could use a photo editor to add a filter to make the photo look like it was taken in the 1940s.

Can you get your whole family involved?

And finally watch a video of this strange man reading a story….

See you all next week,

Mr Fielder

2 thoughts on “Special VE Day Blog

  1. Hi Persephone – you saw the red arrows that’s amazing ! I am glad you’d like to hear more of the story. I will try and do a chapter a day when I can.


  2. Hi Mr Fielder,

    I saw the red arrows flying to celebrate VE Day.
    I am happy the war finished and people could celebrate it it must have been really sad for people who had family and friends that died.

    Thank you for the story. I think it’s great that you are going to read a chapter every week.

    From Persephone


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