Thoughtful Thursday

Hello Platypus Class and welcome back to your last official home learning blog post of the week. Tomorrow believe it or not is a bank holiday! However I will be posting a short blog on Friday with some creative ideas on how to mark VE day and a few ideas to help keep yourself busy over the long weekend (but don’t worry it is all optional). I will also try to add a little video message so do check in…

Can you believe it?…. It is contest time again!

Next Wednesday is ‘national numeracy day’ (more on that later) and to mark the event Sumdog are having a national contest this time. There are already nearly 5000 classes entered.

The contest starts tomorrow Friday the 8th of May and will finish at midnight on the 14th of May. Again, I will carry out a video forfeit challenge this time if you can finish in the top 500! Let’s see if we can work together to to achieve our goal…

Don’t forget that to take your spelling test on Sumdog too!

Sound of the day: ir (like urgh!)

How many other words can you think of that are spelt with the ‘ir’?

Here are a few clues:

I’m not Miss call me…

She it the fastest in the class she always comes….

Today is a special day its my…..

I am spinning round and round watch me….

English Home Learning

Today lesson focuses on a storyl about a squirrel who lives alone in the park – until he finds a friend!

You are going to be answering some questions about the story and then writing in role as one of the characters. For the writing you will need to use the ‘first person’. Do you remember what that means – it means you will write like you are the character using “I” in your sentences.

Maths Home Learning: Summer Week 3 Lesson 4 – Adding by counting on

The final White Rose lesson of this week. You will be practising adding by counting on. Remember to think of which is the most efficient number to count on – because you can always switch the parts of your addition around! Extra gold star for anyone who can remember what the name of this rule about addition is?

Plenty more resources to help you practise on the BBC bitesize…

Science Home Learning – Plants 3

So last week we learnt the names of some garden plants – so before you start can you remember any of them?

Today we will focus on wild plants – now these plants can sometimes be called weeds when they are growing in the wrong place. By wild plants can be really beautiful too – and are an important part of the natural environment.

Science Challenge:

Scientists sometimes use a classification key to identify different plants. Can you answer questions on the chart below to identify theses plants…you can turn it into a bit of game if you have someone to play with. One of you think of a flower below but don’t tell the other person which it is – you can only answer yes or no to the questions on the classification key.

Art Challenge:

Pick one of the wild flowers and try sketching it.

Here are a few of the tutorials on how to draw some wild flowers…

E-safety Home Learning

Watch the “Playing games” episode here…

Think about these questions…

What were Jessie, Tia and Mo’s power words in the Avelzon game? 

How did the ‘stranger’ trick Jessie and her friends into telling her their power words?

What did Jessie do when the ‘stranger’ tricked them in the game?

When did Jessie find out that the ‘stranger’ was really her sister Amber?

What did Dad tell Jessie, Tia and Mo to do with their power words after they were shared and no longer private?

If you have access to a printer then you can print and colour the picture here. If not try and copy the picture. Include your online safety tip and/or question and send it to me through the blog or email so I can share on twitter with the rest of the school.

Have a fantastic day everyone,

Mr Fielder

8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Hi Jovani, I am glad that you enjoyed drawing a daisy! I did not know that the corn chamomile was know as a lion flower, great research.


  2. Hi Mr Fielder,

    I liked the corn chamomile and the buttercup because the first one is also known as the lion flower and the second one because it shows how much I like butter. Me and my mum tried drawing the daisy on YouTube which was fun.

    Jovani safety advice was never tell anyone anything!



  3. Great work Persephone. I think you are right all plants are great… well except for stinging nettles – I’m not so sure about them!


  4. Hi Persephone, that’s so exciting! Anyone else going to the park today or over the weekend keep your eyes peeled !


  5. Hi Mr Fielder,
    My favourite wild flower is a buttercup because it shines yellow on your chin.
    My least favourite are none, I like them all.


  6. Hi Mr Fielder,
    In the science slide show I saw a corn chamomile. Guess what, earlier today I found a corn chamomile in the park and I put it in the fence nearby for everyone to see.
    From Persephone


  7. Wow Kıyana, I am impressed. Did you know that sometimes a computer will remember your password?…You have to be careful to log out properly when using a computer that is shared with other people! My last word was twirl – but circle is an excellent answer too.


  8. Hello Mr Fielder.

    For the clues Kiyana’s answers was the following…

    I’m not Miss call me SIR
    She is the fastest in the class she always comes FIRST
    Today is a special day it’s my BIRTHDAY
    I am spinning round and round watch me CIRCLE

    Kiyana’s online safety advice is “ Don’t share your password.”


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