Tune in Tuesday

Good morning everybody,

Well done on all your work yesterday. I found out some very interesting facts about the 4 countries of the UK.

Suggested daily tasks:

  • Sumdog – I have added some targeted maths, spelling and grammar challenges for this week.
  • Zumos – log on and share your mood, listen to the ‘How to be happy’ message and try some other activities.
  • Phonics play – 15 minutes of phonics review
  • Daily Reading – 15 minutes of reading practise with and adult

Here are you spelling words for week 3

Remember these are tricky words. You will just need to learn how to spell them!

Today’s sound of the day: ‘ea’ (and ‘ee’)

We have learnt another way to spell the same sound. Do you remember ‘ee’? Can you make 2 lists of words – one with words spelt with ‘ee’ like feet and one for ‘ea’ words like clean. Can you think of 5 words for each list?

Here are my ‘ea’ word clues…

Turn this to ice for a yummy treat?

The opposite of dirty is….

Jack gets a magic one of these?

English Home Learning

Hope you packed something ward because today’s lesson takes us to Antartica. You are going to think about statement writing and writing your own postcard.


Maths Home Learning Summer Week 3 – Lesson 2: Fact families

How did you get on with your number bond work yesterday? Did you see how knowing your number bonds to 10 can help you with your number bonds to make 20.

Today’s lesson focuses on ‘fact families’. That means addition and subtraction facts that are related or linked to each other.

Watch the lesson video and try to solve the worksheet questions in your blue books. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

Todays maths activities on the bbc bitesize home learning site are also about fact families. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zkd98xs

History – Castles Week 3

Look through the slides to learn about medieval castles and different parts of a castle.

And here are some short videos to watch…

Home learning task:

I would like you to try and draw your own medeival castle. You could even give it a cool name! Can you label some of the parts such as towers, a gate house, a portcullis, a moat, a keep, battlements and walls. You could even write down some information about why they were important. PS. I doesn’t have to be 3D like this one but you could try!

Share your drawing on twitter or email them to me – I’d love to see!

Now finish of you learning by looking at these slides…

Keep up the wonderful home learning journey!

Mr Fielder

4 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday

  1. Hi Mr Fielder, a penguin sent me a postcard from Antarctica.
    ‘Dear Persephone,
    I live in Antarctica and woddl around. Antarctica is cold.
    Love from Penguen


  2. Well done Jovani. A great postcard from the Artic North Pole. You have used capital letters and full stops really well. I like that you used the term ‘freezing cold’.


  3. Evening Mr Fielder,

    I wrote my postcard to my mummy.

    Dear Mummy,

    I am going to the North pole to go and see Santa claus. It is freezing cold here. I have warm clothes on. I am going to stay for a little while them come home.

    Lots of love


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