Magnificent Monday

Good Morning Platypus Class,

Firstly congratulations to all of you that took part on the Lambeth Sumdog Contest. We finished 15th and the highest ranked class at Herbert Morrison which is a great achievement. You didn’t quite make it into the top 5 so I am safe from the forfeit challenge for the moment. But there is another contest coming up so watch this space.

So on to our learning this week. Your daily tasks are Zumos ‘How the be happy’ and wellbeing activities. Phonics with – (remember that most of you should be focusing on reviewing your phase 5 sounds). Sumdog to practise key skills in Maths, Spelling and Grammar. Practise your reading with an adult for at least 10mins a day and Coding with which is great for building up your computing skills.

Phonics Sound of the day ‘ou’

A new feature to keep us practising ours phase 5 sounds…

Here are 8 words – can you find the real words and write them down.

gouk shout wout blout mouse round sound plounk

Can you answer my clues to these questions with an ou word…

I am tall and rocky…

I can make it rain….

I am small and furry…

English Home learning

For those of you who are getting a bit tired of phonics play, today’s lesson introduces you to the BBC’s phonics and spelling game with some cool super heroes.

There is also some sentence writing work based on the UK. We have learnt about the 4 countries of the UK a little in class so I will be interested to see how much you remember. Can you come up with some sentences about the UK to write down? Why not share them on the blog…

Maths Home Learning – Summer Week 3 Lesson 1

Part Whole Relationships and Number Bonds

Now Platypus class you are gong to have to be very patient with your adults here, who probably have no clue what a part whole model is or a number bond. These things were not invented back in their day! But I’m sure with the help of the video you can talk them through it…

For more practise with remembering your number bonds I recommend using the game hit the button. You can set it to practise number bonds to 10 or 20 by choosing make 10 or make 20, depending what you need to practise… see what score you get today and then keep practising through out the week to see if you improve


#HMPS E-safety Week

As a school we are dedicated to ensuring that we support you to stay safe online. We have talked lots about this Platypus class and I know that you are very knowledgeable. This week I will be posting three activities to help you become even more aware of how to stay safe…

Follow the link and watch episode 2 – Sharing pictures

Use questions to chat about the cartoon.

For example:

How did lots of people end up seeing the pictures? 

What made Mo feel sad?

How did the friends get help when they needed it? 

What did Miss Humphrey say she would do to help?

Activity 2: Draw a character

  • Ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite character singing the funny tummy song.
  • Ask them to include their favourite lyrics from the song on their drawing.
  • I’d love to see your work! Share it @MrFielderHMPS #hmpsafetyweek

Have a lovely day everyone!

6 thoughts on “Magnificent Monday

  1. Well done Jovani, fantastic work today. Also look out for you picture on twitter tomorrow!


  2. Hi Mr Fielder:

    Here is Jovani’s work he did earlier with his dad. Sorry we havent been posting as much but my dad doesn’t quite get the blog…. I have also send you some pics on the year1 email address.

    Clue game:
    I am a tall and rocky House
    I can make it rain loud
    I am small and furry Mouse

    English work:
    London is the capital of England
    Wales has lots of castles and mountains
    Belfast is windy and has rocks made up of volcanoes
    Scotland has lots of lakes.



  3. Muhammad did great with the phonics and I had him busy learning number bonds.
    He knows london is the capital of England and says there is no such thing as the loch ness monster in Scotland although you never know….


  4. Well done Kiyana. I am always impressed at how motivated you are. You got all the ou word clues correct! I love your sentences about the UK – I did not know that Northern Ireland had a volcano…luckily very extinct!


  5. Good afternoon Mr Fielder.

    Kiyana’s answers for the clues are…

    I am a tall and rocky MOUNTAIN
    I can make it rain CLOUDS
    I am small and furry MOUSE

    For the sentence writing about the UK Kiyana wrote the following…

    “In England there is a tower with a clock on it called Big Ben.”
    “In Scotland they have a lake called Loch Ness.”
    “In Wales they have lots of castles and mountains.”
    “In Northern Ireland they have a volcano.”


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