Fabulous Friday

Hello and good morning everyone,

Welcome back to the last blog post of the week. As aways let me say a big well done to all of you who have engaged and worked hard this week. I am so very proud of you!

I am not going to mention the final result of the Lambeth Sundog Contest today because as I am writing this it hasn’t finished yet. So we will announce our final position on the blog on Monday. (And yes I will stick to my promise and perform my forfeit challenge if you came in the top 5!)

But we did have our mini class competition yesterday and here are the top 5 children, a round of applause for…

Remember your daily tasks as always are Zumos , Sumdog , Phonics Play and Reading. There is a Maths Quiz and Spelling test from yesterday to do on Sumdog so give them a try!

Maths Home Learning

It’s Family Maths challenge day today!

The first two questions are probably most suited to Year 1 but you could always try some of the other ones with your families’ help!


The solutions can be found here. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zhmbrj6

English Home Learning

Today’s reading lesson looks at an old favourite ‘Funny Bones’ by Allen Ahlberg. This is a story that lots of you will know. In this lesson you will be thinking about what the characters say and how to retell the story in the correct order. You will also be planning your only scaring skeleton surprises!



So far in our topic on castles we have learnt about the Norman King William the Conquerer who built lots of castles. William wasn’t always popular as ruler and lots of people didn’t want him to be King – that why he needed so many castles!

But my questions for you to think about this week is…

What makes a good King or Queen?

Remember to post a comment on the blog…

Music Home Learning

Here is an exciting website where you can learn to make some of your own music a computer. I am sure you will have fun with this one..try the first few lessons and let me know how you get on.


Great work everyone!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Fielder

8 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. Hi Kiyana, I agree a queen needs to listen to people. Actually I wonder if what makes a good queen is the same as what makes a good teacher? Any thoughts…do you agree?


  2. Fantastic answer Ritaj. I agree with you a King needs to care about other people. It’s not all about shiny crowns and fancy palaces!


  3. Hi James and Stephanie – great work on the Maths challenge. I am sorry that the video didn’t work for you. I think other people managed to see it. Can you try again?


  4. Hello Mr Fielder.

    “Queen’s must be kind, help and listen to make a good queen”. said Kiyana


  5. Hello Mr fielder. I did my work today. I think that a good king or queen should care about people and should be kind


  6. A good king is fair and kind and looks after his people.
    we have done the math challenge and found that lolly cost 47p, while chew cost 35p.
    I and Stephanie enjoyed the music lesson very much we danced and made awesome beats!
    We were a bit sad that your video didn’t work yesterday..
    Have a great weekend!


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