Think Hard Thursday

Hello Platypus Class,

So this is it the final day of the Sumdog contest. Those sneaky Otters in year 2 have just pushed ahead of us in the leader board. So this is my final team talk… you know that we are the best class and that you are all Sumdog Superstars so go get ’em Platypuses!

The spelling test is also waiting for you on Sumdog so you can do it today or tomorrow and I will be able to see your scores.

Daily Tasks as always are Zumos ‘how to be happy’ and mindfulness activities, phonics practise using phonics play, reading and coding on

Maths Home Learning – Problem Solving

This White Rose lesson looks at some problem solving. Now they are quite tricky but have a go and see if you can stretch those brains to find the answers. The video gives you some help.

Science Home Learning – Plants

Now for this topic you need to be able to name a variety of plants. This week we are going to learn to name some common garden plants. Go through the presentation to get you started.

As luck would have it this week is national gardening week. So my challenge to you is to see if you can create your own garden design. You might start by drawing a path and a pond like this…

Then think about what plants you would like in your garden, draw and label them. You could use the internet to find out about some other types of garden plants too…

And finally for a little garden Safari with Mr Fielder…

English Home Learning – Writing sentences with description

Today’s English lesson is all about using describing words in our sentences also known as adjectives. It is also about gardens which links to our Science. You may want to write some sentences to describe your garden design instead…

Have a lovely day everyone,

Mr Fielder

10 thoughts on “Think Hard Thursday

  1. Wow such tough questions – well the queen was born into the royal family which means when her father died she became the queen. This is called succession…do you know who will be the king or queen after her? This links nicely to tomorrow’s P4C question…. As for the tooth fairy well…I’m not so sure, you might have to ask her!


  2. Hello Mr. Fielder
    The only flower i could name it, is the rose. what colour will it be?
    I enjoy do my magic garden, where my magic cat plant, makes cats grow….
    ps. i want to ask you something ” how the Queen turned (became) the Queen? and Does the tooth fairy talk and my mummy said that you are a wise men”🤔
    “thank you”


  3. Wow sounds like you have lots of animal friends to play with in your garden. I like the idea of having a vegetable patch but won’t the Rabbit eat up all the lettuce!


  4. Muhammad I love the sound of your magic plants! The magic money plant would be really useful but I do love a good oreo too – help! – I can’t decide which one to plant in my garden.


  5. Persephone and Muhammad I think you could be right – the big plant is a Rose. The plant with red flowers is a geranium – not an easy one to spell!


  6. Hi Mr Fielder,
    My garden has a hamster, a dog, a rabbit and a duck in it. The dog has a kennel and some food and a digging spot and a bone. The hamster has a running wheel. The rabbit has a vegetable patch with mint, lettus and carrots. The duck has a pond to swim in and a nest to lay eggs in. There is a path that makes the garden into quarters.
    I will send a photo to you.


  7. Muhammad’s plant is a magic money plant that keeps growing money that never runs out lol.
    He also has designed a magic oreo cookie plant because its his favourite treat!
    Muhammad thinks the plant with the thorns in your garden will grow roses?? The rest, not so sure. They are all lovely though
    Hopefully will post up his garden design up soon.
    Thanks alot


  8. Hi,
    The first plant you showed us I think is called a red Geranium.
    The spiky plant I think is a rose.


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