Wonderful Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

It is very exciting in the Sumdog contest…at the moment we are tied in 11th place with the Jaguars class in year 4! Can we get back into the top ten and be the highest ranked class from our school?

Maths Home Learning

Yesterday you started to learn about quarters and finding quarter of a shape or object. Today’s lesson looks at how to find a quarter of an amount. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

Try the activities in your blue book. You may well need to draw out some of the groups of objects to show how to find a quarter. Also do some practical sharing of amounts into four equal groups to help.

English Home Learning

Today you are going to be reminded of what a noun is in the first part of the lesson and also about how to join nouns and ideas in sentences using ‘and’


You will be writing some descriptive sentences about mini beasts. Why not share them on the blog to see if we can guess what they are…

Here is mine…

Sammy has a long wiggly body and he lives underground.

Any ideas?

Spanish Lesson

Time for our weekly Spanish lesson here on the Oak Academy website. https://www.thenational.academy/year-1/foundation/introducing-yourself-in-spanish-year-1-wk2-2

Can you introduce yourself in the comment section below in Spanish?

Also try these activities here on http://www.busythings.com remember you can use your personal school lgfl email address and password to login.

PE Homelearning

How are you getting on doing your daily PE with Joe Wicks every morning – I bet you are going to be super strong by the time we get back to school!

Today is normally our PE day so why don’t you try going on a yoga adventure with cosmic kids. Just go to youtube and type it in. They have lots of fun activities to try.

Have a fantastic day Platypus class and keep leaving you comments and sending me pictures of your work. I love to see it!

Mr Fielder

11 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. Dear Mr Fielder,
    Well done, you are fantastic, it was an arachnid, a woodlouse and a snail.


  2. Wow Muhammad now you have completely exceeded my Spanish level – I think you enjoyed studying Spanish very much? Anyone?


  3. Buenos noches senor fielder
    Me llamo Muhammad. Yo disfrutar el aprenizale el espanyol muy mucho.
    Muchos gracias
    Thanks for the work today


  4. Princess Persephone plays pingpong in her pink pyjamas! Did you like that one? Wow I must stop all this alliteration now…


  5. Buenas tardes Kiyana! Bien Hecho!
    (means well done – and yes sorry I had to google it)


  6. Hi James, wow don’t worry you don’t need to comment every day! But you definitely make me smile when you do…I can now imagine that Stephanie looks like a very cute baby shark!


  7. Guess what they are
    1. I look freaky and hairy.
    2. I like to hide under rocks and snuggle up. I am dark brown.
    3. It is eating a leaf and is slimy to touch.


  8. Hola Mr Fielder,
    I learnt some Spanish. Me llamo Persephone.
    Sofya Snail plays with Soozy the Slug and Anabel arachnid. Sofya Snail’s home is in the bush and Soozy lives with her.


  9. Buenas tardes Mr Fielder.

    Kiyana enjoyed learning some more Spanish today.

    To introduce herself Kiyana says “’Hola! Me llamo Kiyana”.


  10. sorry, we don’t comment much but we work hard with this blog every single day. finding half and quarters are getting easier and easier. Busy things is lifeeeee 🙂 We love your videos and we miss you so much.. we tell mummy that often. Mummy enjoy when you pop the next day tasks in the evening so it helps her to prepare our sheets. Stephanie still has a wobbly tooth and a new tooth behind it. Mummy calls her baby shark and she is mad about it. Today we enjoyed writing short sentences and we did very well, mummy said she will need less wine today 😀


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