Try Hard Tuesday

Wow Platypus class I am very impressed with your efforts so far on Sumdog. As I write this our class is currently 7th out of 33 other classes. That is amazing! Keep it up and if you haven’t had a chance to log on this week then try to get on for about 30 minutes today and help out the team.

Todays daily task as normal are :

Maths Home Learning:

Summer Term Week 2 – Lesson 2 Finding a Quarter

This can be a little bit tricky Platypus class so make sure you are really confident explaining what the difference between a half and a quarter is.

Here is a pizza with all my favourite toppings. Can you tell me about it using what you learnt today?

Why not try drawing your own pizza’s with different toppings on for each half or quarter. You could even make a real pizza… Or try getting an empty bottle or container. Can you fill it with water to make it half full? A quarter full? Three quarters full?

English Home Learning:

Today you will be focusing on sentence writing and as you all know Platypus class it’s not a proper sentence unless it has a capital letter and full stop!

Enjoy the song all about a caterpillar and use it to inspire you to write some super sentences in your blue books. If you write down the instructions for your caterpillar dance and send it in to me – you never know I might perform it!

History Home Learning:

Have you ever been to a castle?

Why do you think castles were built in the UK?

Today I would like you to find out a bit more about the first castles that were built in England.

More information on early castles can be found here

You can explore a virtual Motte and Bailey castle here

Now you could try to draw a Motte and Bailey castle or a Stone Keep castle. Also can you answer these questions below?

Don’t forget that you can now send it pieces of work to share to the email address or share on twitter @MrFielderhmps.

Miss you all!

Mr Fielder

3 thoughts on “Try Hard Tuesday

  1. Wiggle shake wiggle shake – wow this dance is harder than a Joe Wicks work out! I know the writing can be tough but we want the get you ready for year 2 :- )


  2. Hello Mr. Fielder
    ufff today was a busy day doing all this writing…
    My caterpillar “start to go on the floor, put the arms up, legs straight and I wiggle my self all the way. Wiggle, shake, wiggle, shake, wiggle…..”
    hope you can make my dance at home. It is really nice 🙂


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