Marvellous Monday

Good morning everyone – here we go again at the start of another action packed week of home learning!

Did you manage to have a go at the Art Challenge on Friday? Here is a great example from one Platypus. They cut out coloured card to create the different shapes.

If you would like to share some of the work you have been doing at home you can either post a picture of it on twitter @MrFielderhmps or you can now use the class email address Hopefully, each Friday I will be able to post a gallery of some of your hard work so you can see what each other have been up to.

Sumdog: Maths Competition - North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area

Lambeth Sundog Contest Update

We have made a good start in the contest. We currently have 7 children who have played and started earning points. But we need at least 10 children to play to qualify for the contest…so let’s all work together to see how high we can come!

Don’t forget that a top 5 finish means a nasty forfeit challenge for Mr Fielder!

Daily Tasks

Maths Home Learning – Finding Half (2)

Finding half of a number | Teaching Resources

I really enjoyed some of your comments on the Maths challenges on Friday and it was great to hear about lots of families working together to solve the problems!

Today you will be continuing to look at finding half. This time looking at finding half of a group of objects. Don’t forget to have a go at doing the tasks in your blue books when you have finished watching the lesson video. Today lesson Summer Term Week 2 Lesson one and you can find it here:

English Home Learning:

Now plucky platypuses its time for some tricky tasks all to do with lovely letter formation and amazing alliteration you can find the lesson here:

Don’t forget to post a comment with your exciting examples of interesting insect inspired alliteration!

This week’s spellings

Again focusing on those tricky words that we can’t spell by using our sounds these are the ten words for you to practise and learn at home:

PSHE Home Learning:

Jigsaw PSHE have shared some nice free story resources for parents to use with their children ate home. Listen to the story called Fowley’s Wings and try the discussion questions and activities suggested:

And finally story time

Sorry this video was meant to be posted on Friday but I had some technical issues so here it is now…

Enjoy your day everyone,

Mr Fielder

6 thoughts on “Marvellous Monday

  1. Hi mr fielder
    Cute creepy crawlies
    Pink peppa pig
    Funny frog
    Clever clogs
    Thanks for the story too


  2. Kiyana, I am glad you enjoyed the story. Great examples of alliteration. Can you come up with an example that has 3 words in it? Angry ants attack.


  3. Hello Mr Fielder.

    Here are Kiyana’s Caterpillar alliteration words…

    Baby butterflies
    Crawling caterpillars
    Blue butterfly
    Creepy caterpillars
    Bright butterflies
    Clever caterpillars

    Kiyana say’s “Thank you for the story Mr Fielder ”.


  4. Hi Mr Fielder,
    I have done some alliteration
    Crawling caterpillars have lots of lovely legs
    Blue butterflies bite bugs
    Cocoon cuddles caterpillar


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