Funky Friday

Wow another week of home learning almost done! Give yourselves a P-A-T on the B-A-CK !

Well done to the winners of yesterday’s friendly little class Sumdog competition…

And also a big well done to those of you who did your spelling test on Sumdog too. I can see that the results look really, really good.

Also some very exciting news…today is the start of the Lambeth Sumdog Competition! Which means that we will be competing against different classes from across the local area to see who will be the Sumdog Champions. You should be able to see the leader board when you log in and all the points that you score will go towards the class overall score. Let’s try and win this Platypus class – so get Sumdogging!

Also as an added incentive I have decided that if we make it into the top 5 classes then I will do a special forfeit challenge and video it for you. Possibly a bucket of freezing cold water over my head… if you have any other ideas post a comment on the blog and let me know. I will decide on Monday.

Right let’s start today’s learning :

Maths Home Learning

Today is Maths challenge day so check out some of these tricky problems on the BBC bitesize website

I am totally stuck on these so please help me out and show me how to solve them in your blue books.

Here is another little number game that you might want to try at home if you have some dice (you can find interactive ones online)

Reading Home Learning

Today’s English focuses on our reading and understanding of stories. You will be hearing part of a ‘Daisy’ story (which I love – I think grown-ups enjoy these stories as much as children) and have to answer some questions about it.

There is also an extract for you to try reading. You might need an adult to help but give it a good go!

Art Challenge

This is a painting by the artist Paul Klee and it is called ‘Castle and Sun’

Try describing the painting – what do you see?

What do you notice about how the artist has created his painting?

How do the painting make you feel?

Now have a go at creating your own art work based on the picture.

  1. Look at Paul Klee ́s image Castle and the Sun.
  2. Leave the image up on the computer as a guide.
  3. Use the cut out cardboard shapes to trace around.
  4. When you are happy with your picture go over their pencil lines with a crayon or pen.
  5. Then colour in the shapes in different colours.
  6. Paint a background.

Sorry I did have a video to upload of me reading story for you but I had some technical difficulties. I will try and get it out to you on Monday! Stay tuned…

Have a great weekend!

Mr Fielder

13 thoughts on “Funky Friday

  1. Team Muhammad – well done on your excellent work on the Maths challenge! I love how you have explained how you solved the problems.


  2. Maths challenge 1:
    As a family we worked out the two stars had to be exactly the same number to add to 20 as its the same shape.
    So star + star is 10+10=20
    Next part
    So we know star is 10.
    Heart minus 10(star)= 7
    So heart is 17-10 =7
    Now we know heart is 17
    Heart(17)-heart(17) = triangle (0)
    So triangle is 0

    Challenge 2
    We add all the 10ps (60p) and 5ps (15p) total =75p
    He buys apple for 59p and 2 pencils and has no no money left. How much is each pencil.
    We know he had 75p. So 75p -59p =16p
    He spent 16p on 2 pencils. So each pencil is 8p each. 16÷2 =8

    Challenge 3
    You have to mix up the 3 figure numbers around to make the equation to make a number more than 300 but less than 400.
    So 853-538=315



  3. Muhammed that’s the spirit – I can tell you that when I last checked you were in the top ten pupils in the whole of Lambeth! Isn’t that amazing…


  4. Persephone I am very interested in seeing your picture. Next week you will get an email from the school about how to send work into the class email address so fingers crossed I will be able to.


  5. Ha ha Dennis! I feel you that you might have over estimated how much time and skill I have for that challenge! But we’ll see…


  6. Hi Kiyana , Great work with the Maths challenges. I think that the idea of these is that you sit and try to do them as a family so that is great that you had Mums help! Have a think about challenge one again – What if the same shape must always be the same number? eg. If the star is always 10?


  7. Hello everyone apologies for not responding to all your comments on the blog yesterday. I was at our Hub School with some of the children of key workers. Everyone was well and enjoying the sunshine.


  8. Muhammad did well with the tasks. He is really looking forward in the competition. Fingers crossed we will smash it. Come on team platypus!!


  9. Hi Mr Fielder,
    My picture for the art challenge is called ‘Connect Tower and Crescent Moon’.
    It is all connected up and there is a slide going through the houses.
    Love from Persephone


  10. Dennis says: for your forfeit I think you should balance 16 biscuits on your nose for 44 hours! 😂


  11. Good afternoon Mr Fielder.
    For today’s Reading Home Learning Activity 2: Predicting what might happen next. Kiyana has wrote the following…

    She might be going to get a drink.

    She could be getting a blanket.

    Maybe she is playing a game.

    What if she is going toilet.

    For Math Challenge 1 Kiyana put…


    Challenge 2…

    We worked out that the two pencils cost 16p

    Challenge 3 was tricky but she tried with mum’s help…

    853 – 538 = 315

    We discussed that greater than 300 was more than and less than 400 was below than. Therefore any numbers from 301 to 399 will be the numbers that they would have to make.


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