Thumbs Up Thursday

Good morning all, and welcome back to the blog!

Here is a little flashback to before Christmas. Can you remember why these children were wearing blue?


Daily Tasks: From today you can try the spelling quiz on Sumdog Spelling. We have also got our weekly Maths competition on Sumdog too, so see if you make it into the top ten. Don’t forget Zumos and Phonics play as well.

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020 - 50th Anniversary | Pitt Sustainability

Yesterday was #EarthDay2020

But what is world earth day and why is it important?

Here is a the website to find out more

You can also find out more here and take a quiz to find out how much you and your family know about our home planet!

I’d love to hear what you do at home to help protect our planet and here is a video clip that might give you some new ideas.

Why not try designing an earth day poster with some of your ideas on it. If you do don’t forget to share it on twitter @MrFielderHMPS

Maths Home Learning

Today’s Maths is Lesson 4 all about finding half and you can find it here

There are lots of ways to make this practical. If you have some scrap paper you can cut out some shapes and then see if you can find different ways to fold them in half. Remember if it’s half then both parts must be equal!

English Home Learning

Today’s BBC bitesize lessons looks at writing sentences with lists using commas. This is something we haven’t covered yet this year so I’ll be interested to know how you get on.

There is a great creative task too – here is my offering…

Don’t forget it’s @MrFielderHMPS if you want to share yours!

Science Home Learning

Our science topic this term is plants.

What is a plant? Sounds like a silly question but it might be harder than you think…

Look through these slides to find out more…

Here is a video – can you describe what you see. How do you think it was filmed?

Explore: When you go out for a daily walk why not try noticing what plants you can see. Or look out of your window – Can you see any plants?

If your adult has a smart phone then they may be able to download an app that can help identify plants – ‘picture this’ has a free 7 day trail.

Do: It’s always fun to try and grow your own plants – although not always easy! Why not try planting some seeds and seeing if they will grow – you could add a weekly diary to your blue book showing what it looks like each week and describing the changes.

18 thoughts on “Thumbs Up Thursday

  1. Eva fantastic work – how great that you are growing some plants ! It will take time but exciting to see what grows…


  2. Persephone – Rainbow the Raspberry made me smile. That’s alliteration – do you know what that means? Some extra home learning for you! Can’t wait to see the picture on twitter!


  3. Jovani I love your creative writing – is what they all have in common that they are all healthy and delicious? Or is it that they grow in the summer…wow I’m not sure! Help me out!


  4. Hello for my creative writing I chose an apple, a grape and a strawberry.
    Camilla the naughty, healthy apple has a red, big, pretty nose.

    Zara the grape has a perfect round, round, littles green body ever in the grapes history.

    Clara the strawberry has the most pretty, nicely, friendly freckles face in the allotment.


  5. Hi Mr Fielder!
    I had enjoyed the lesson today 😊!
    I had been growing this 2 little plants…. we don’t know what they will be🤔


  6. Muhammad had lots of fun designing his poster for earth day.
    He also wrote about his super hero colin the carrot who can fly and jump really high.
    Thanks alot


  7. Hello everyone, I have chosen for my fruit Rainbow the Raspberry. She is cute, funny, stilish and playful. She is very colourful and surprised and peeping over a wall. I will send you a photo on Twitter.


  8. Afternoon Mr Fielder,

    For Jovani creative writing he has picked a strawberry, carrot and an orange.

    Spiderman the strawberry has a red face, black body and blue shoes.
    Myles the carrot wears a green hat, long orange body and big glasses.
    Parker the orange has a bright round orange face, with big teeth.

    Can you guess what all my fruit and veg have in common?

    I have also send you my picture for earth day on Twitter.


  9. Hello Ritaj, good to hear from you. I am glad that you have done your work – I’d love to hear a bit about what you did.


  10. Kiyana well done on your fruit characters. Did you draw them? I am really impressed you used commas in your lists!


  11. Good morning Mr Fielder.

    For the creative task Kiyana has chosen to draw and write about Bella the Banana and Rosa the Onion. Bella The Banana has a yellow banana head, and Rosa the onion has a big round onion head.

    “Bella the Banana has a doll, bag, snake, dragon, book and toy kitchen she likes to play with.”

    “Rosa the Onion likes to read books Aladdin, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, What’s The Time Clockodile? and Goldilocks and The Three Bears.


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