22nd of April We can do this Wednesday!

Good morning everyone! It was great getting the chance to speak to some of your adults yesterday to find out how you have been getting on. I will try and check in with everyone over the next few weeks to see how you all are. I would just like to stress again what a fantastic job I think you are all doing continuing with your learning these difficult circumstances.

Remember to try and keep a good routine throughout the day with plenty of breaks. Only do as much as is manageable, and look after yourselves!

Hopefully you are managing to access Zumos daily. They are also offering a free 70 day well being programme suitable for families to access together if you follow the link https://www.zumos.co.uk/Wellbeing.aspx

Daily tasks as always are Zumos, Sumdog, Reading and Phonics Play!

Maths Home Learning

What's the Value Added of the Sharing Economy?

Please have ago at lesson 3 today ‘sharing into equal groups’.

Before you start it might be useful to check you know and can explain the meaning of these words – share , equal , row and column

Don’t forget to have a go at the activities in your blue book. You may need to be little creative about how record some of the answers.


For those of you keen on even more Maths lessons then the NCETM have some other very good lessons for Key Stage 1 here: https://www.ncetm.org.uk/resources/54454#KS1Multiplication

English Home Learning

Silly Mr Fielder seems to have skipped the first lesson on the BBC website for this week, so I thought we better go back and have a look. Sorry if parts seem a bit out of order but it’s on an important skill that we all need to practise; forming questions and using question marks. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z7hc47h

Spanish Home Learning

Finally we had such fun trying to learn the names of animals in Spanish last term, let’s try to keep up our Spanish learning. Here is a lesson introducing the Spanish alphabet and the numbers 1 to 5. https://www.thenational.academy/year-1/foundation/el-alfabeto-y-los-numeros-year-1-wk1-2/

This lesson is one of the many free lessons being offered by the Oak National Academy so please feel free to explore any others that seem of interest too!

Have a fantastic day everyone…Adios x

7 thoughts on “22nd of April We can do this Wednesday!

  1. Jovani Bing land sounds amazing – it sounds like everyday is the weekend! I assume that is based on Bing bunny? – Is that correct?


  2. Morning Mr Fielder,

    Jovani’s land was called ‘Bing land’

    It was sunny and rainy in bing land. You can watch shows, play games all day long.
    To get to bing land you have to climb a tree which looks just like bing. It would be a long journey!


  3. Hello Mr Fielder,
    My magic land is call the land of clothes.
    The land of clothes has elegant, lustrous, designing fashion.
    In the land of clothes are the most talented seamstresses.
    The greater queens are buying dresses there.
    The secret door to the land of clothes will be open with a golden sewing needle.


  4. Hi Kiyana, fantastic effort again! ….What’s this….the land of the cookies!…amazing how do we get there? There aren’t enough cookies in my house at the moment 😉


  5. Good Afternoon Boatemaa! Lovely to hear from you – I miss your smile and positive attitude. I hope you are well and enjoying your learning at home.


  6. Hello Mr Fielder. Kiyana has called her land “The Land of Cookies”.

    This is what she has written about her land…

    On The Land of Cookies there are some brown cookies on the tree. On The Land of Cookies there are books that look like cookies. On The Land of Cookies people dress up as cookies.

    Kiyana decided to draw and label how you would travel to The Land of Cookies, by drawing a ladder and writing you would have to climb.

    For today’s work on asking questions to the four children that have been to The Faraway Tree. Kiyana wanted to ask them the following questions…

    What did you do?
    When did you go there?
    How did you get there?
    Can I come?


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