Marvalous Monday – 20th April Welcome Back

Welcome back to the daily home learning blog Platypus class. I hope that you are all well and have enjoyed a cosy Easter Holiday at home with your family. I have been doing lot of cooking and taking some interesting walks around my local area. I even managed to complete a puzzle with 1000 pieces! What have you been up to? Do let me know!

A special well done to all the class who took part in the Easter Holiday Maths competition on Sumdog. Congratulations to Kiyana, Ali and Dameesha who came in the top three places!

Now that term has started again we will continue our daily home learning blog while the school is closed. Please log in daily to see what activities have been set and to leave a comment on your learning.

Daily Tasks:

Please do the following activities everyday this week….

PE with Joe Wick at 9.00am or try cosmic kids yoga at

Phonics – 15 minutes focused phonics work using the phonics play website Practise your phase 5 sounds using the different games and activities.

Reading – 15 minutes of reading time a day. Remember you can use the oxford owl website then the class login at the top of the screen. Leave a comment if you need the login details again.

Sumdog – Try and spend 15 – 30 minutes a day playing your favourite games. I will set some Maths, Reading and Spelling challenges and competitions for you during the week focusing on some key learning.

Zumos – Login daily and record you mood and listen to the hoe to be happy message. Remember if you are worried about anything you can leave me a message in the worry box and I will try to help.

Monday’s Maths:

This term we will following the Maths lessons created by ‘White Rose Maths’ which match our own school’s Maths program and will help you continue learning at home. (BBC bitesize will also be doing their own Maths lessons and these will be linked with the White Rose lessons in two weeks time so you will be able to look at both)

Each lesson has a short video to watch together with your adult and then some questions that you will all be able to complete in your blue books. (The answers are also there for you to check and mark your own work when you finish!)

Week 1 Lesson 1 is looking at doubling amounts.

Go to the following webpage

Challenge yourself by trying to think about how you could double some bigger numbers like 24 or 45 by using what you know about tens and ones…

Monday’s English :

This week we will be trying out the daily English lessons available on the BBC website and iplayer. Your adults can get more information about them here

Today’s English lesson video and activities can be found here…

Please leave a comment sharing with us the title of your favourite book. What kind of story is it and why do you like it? You could also let us know your prediction about “The Magic Faraway Tree”…

To find out one of my favourite stories here is a little video…

Week 1 Spelling:

This term we are going to be focusing on some common words that can be very tricky to spell because we can’t always use our phonics…

This weeks words are:

the a do to today of said says are were

Try to practise spelling them by writing them out into your blue books. You could even try to use each one in your own sentence. From Thursday you will be able to do the special spelling quiz on Sumdog so that I can see how well you have learnt them!

Have a great day Platypus class and don’t forget to keep checking the blog daily – there will be some Science and Topic challenges coming up this week too.

22 thoughts on “Marvalous Monday – 20th April Welcome Back

  1. Sound interesting Jovani! I remember reading ‘I want my hat back’ in class. Do you remember this one about the bear anyone?


  2. Hi Mr Fielder and everyone,

    Jovani book is ‘where is my fur gone’. Not sure where he read this or if it is an actual book but he said it is….lol


  3. Wow Jose I am so proud of you! What a great time to learn to ride a bike without training wheels. Cycling is such good exercise and helps the environment too.


  4. Hi Dameesha fantastic I am glad you were able to login and get lots of reading done. If you read a really good book on there why not leave a comment on the blog and recommend it to others…(and yes Joe Wicks is tough going!)


  5. Hi Persephone, you are right I have never heard of the book before but its always great to get a new recommendation – I’ll look it up! Always great when adults can share their favourite stories from when they were little! Keep up the great work.

    Wow I found a whole website on the Brambly Hedge series – some nice activities to try out here too and some recipes! Brambly Hedge


  6. Mariama another fantastic story… I may not be able to now but there was definitely a time when I read the Gruffalo so much at home I think I could remember the whole story without reading the words!


  7. Kiyana I love the Mr Men and Little Miss books too. My favourite was always Mr Tickle! Wow…a magical tree…I wonder what is at the top. I think we might find out more tomorrow.


  8. Hello, today I enjoyed making doubles by counting lentils. my favourite book is a long book is call the Christmassaurus. Today a learned how to ride my bike no training wheels!


  9. Hello Everyone
    My favourite book is brambly hedge and seasons in fern hollow. Seasons in fern hollow is a random book because no one really knows about it. I know about it because it was my dad’s favourite book. He gave it to me.


  10. Hi Mr Fielder, I hope you had a good easter break. My favourite book is The Gruffalo because the little brown mouse used the Gruffalo to scare all the animals in the woods away. My favourite part of the story is when the brave mouse scares the Gruffalo away at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hello Mr Fielder. Kiyana loves the Little Miss books. She has said her favourite one is “Little Miss Whoops” because she is clumsy.

    Kiyana thinks The Magic Faraway Tree is about a magical tree

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Wow seems like Poo Bum is a pretty popular book – I can’t think why! I’m glad that you are managing to have fun while you are doing the learning. It’s so important.


  13. Hi Dennis – sounds great! I know you have a great selection of books at home so I thought you might have it! I think you are really going to enjoy our topic this term so check out the blog tomorrow – watch this space.


  14. Thanks for the work today. Muhammad also loves the book poo bum. He said he finds it very funny and that the bunny is very clever.
    Now every time i asked muhammad a question today he kept repeating poo bum!
    Muhammad what is double 4? Answer poo bum
    Dont worry Muhammad managed to focus and do his work eventually .The main thing he had fun doing it.
    Have a nice evening!


  15. From Dennis – we’ve got Poo Bum! And I have been playing a colouring game and spelling game today. We’ve got two on our iPad, they are letter games but I could only find one game today.


  16. Hi there. Make sure you click on ‘my class login’ pink button which is at the top of the home page.
    Do not use the oxford owl for schools or oxford owl for home login part.


  17. I know I miss the morning routine alot! Oxford Owl class login is username: hmpsks1 password: hmpsks1


  18. Good morning Dameesha – the oxford owl class login is username: hmpsks1 password: hmpsks1 . Let me know how you get on.


  19. Hello Mr Fielder,
    It’s amazing how we can miss simple things. Like saying good morning to the teacher. please we would like the login for oxford owl.


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