Easter Holiday Home Learning

easter sunday at the exmouth | the exmouth

Firstly let me say well done to all of the class for working hard at home and continuing with your learning at this strange time. Also a big thank you for all the comments and replies on the blog. I have so enjoyed hearing about what you have been doing and has really helped me feel connected to you all despite the school being closed.

So normally I would be saying to everyone to have a good rest and relax over the holidays and do lots of exciting things with your family so you are recharged and ready to get back to school after Easter. But this holiday will be bit different for us all and we don’t know when we will be back to school properly. You definitely all deserve some down time and a chance to relax in the holidays but I thought it would be useful to suggest a few activities to help structure your time at home and prepare for returning to our daily learning on the blog after Easter.

You should continue to spend a short time on each of the following activities each day:

  • Sumdog – Maths, Reading and Spelling (We will have a Easter Holiday competition and announce the winner on the first blog when we get back!)
  • Phonics Play – use your login to practise your sounds focusing on phase 5
  • Zumos
  • Reading


For those looking for some Maths activities then the wonderful team at White Rose will be adding daily fun Maths activities over the holidays. Today’s involves cakes! https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/easter-fun/ You could always have a look at the lessons from the previous 2 weeks if you haven’t had a chance too.

Art – Sketch Books

Now is a great time to really concentrate on developing as an artist. Drawing can be lots of fun, really good for your well being and also and excellent way to keep yourself entertained when you are stuck at home. Access Art has a shorty online course in how to use a sketch book if you follow the link https://www.accessart.org.uk/sketchbooks-an-online-course-for-children-families-parents-teachers/

Also the new Nightingale Hospital is looking for children to draw and share their rainbow pictures and messages of hope to share with staff and patients.

Do not post your pictures but you can ask an adult to share them @KidsArtHeartNHS  with the hash tag #RainbowsFor Nightingale. Remember just show a picture of the picture not yourself or any personal information.


Why not become a home scientist this holiday!

There are lots of exciting science experiments and investigations you could try at home.

Try this website for 12 postcard activities https://www.stem.org.uk/resources/elibrary/resource/25416/do-try-home


If you haven’t managed it yet try David Walliams Elevenses on his website where you can sit back, relax and listen to him read one of his excellent stories from the “Worlds Worst Children” series. https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/

It would be great to spend some time writing your own stories as well. Here are a couple of picture prompts and questions that could help get your imagination whirling…

Are they friends or enemies?
What are they saying to each other?
Why are they meeting?
What happens next?


Here are some free resources to find out more about why Christians celebrate Easter

You could even write design your own comic to tell the Easter story. Copying one of the templates below might help you.



Next term we will be starting a new topic on ‘Castles’.

To get you started you could try one or more of these activities…

  • Find pictures of 3 different castles in the UK
  • Draw a picture of a castle and label the different parts.
  • Find out 2 facts about what life was like living in a castle.
  • Design a crown fit for a King or Queen.
  • Build your own castle. You could use lego, junk modelling or what ever you can find!

Have an at home adventure:

  • Create a treasure hunt with clues and hidden treasure
  • Build a den in your living room with sheets, pillow and what ever you can find.
  • Go camping and spend the night in a different place in your home – I once slept in the bath – without the water of course!
  • Go mountaineering on the stairs
  • Create a fairy garden in a pot
  • Make your own perfume

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday and enjoy being at home with you family. I would love you to share photos of anything that you get up to by putting it on twitter @MrFielderhmps or @HerbMorrPriSch

4 thoughts on “Easter Holiday Home Learning

  1. Mr Fielder, Daniel wrote this story today.

    The lonely dandelion
    Once upon a time there was a dandelion named Tom – he was all alone. He was outside in the sun and Daniel and Anna had only grown one, so he ran to the park where there was lots of dandelions. He needed lots of water, then a little girl named Lizy gave him lots of water.
    the end


  2. I miss you too Jovani and the whole class. We will be back at school some day soon and then we will all know how lucky we are! Until then keep safe.


  3. Hi Mr Fielder and everyone,

    Woke up really sad as I miss learning with you and my friends.
    I love school


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