Friday 3rd April 2020

Good Morning Platypus Class.

My goodness is it Friday already? How time flies with all this home learning fun!

Well done to all of you who completed your spelling test with the o_e words on Sumdog. I have looked at your scores and as always they are very impressive.

Today’s daily tasks as always are –

Maths Challenge:

So first here is a little reminder of what we have been focusing on this week.

We can split numbers 11 – 19 into a ten part and a ones part using a part whole model.

Can you copy and complete these examples into your books…

Now can you find the missing sum (total) in these equations…

How about the missing addend (part) in these equations…

Next the missing difference in these subtraction equations…

And finally if you want something very tricky how about these problems?

Sara has fifteen pencils in total. How many are hidden?

Philosophy Challenge:

This term we have been learning a lot about animals. We have learnt about how animals can be grouped and what body parts they have. We have looked at what animals eat and done lots of comparing of animals.

We also learnt that for scientists ‘humans’ are also a kind of animal. Lots of us found this a strange idea… we didn’t all agree!

So our P4C question for today is…

The Importance of the Human-Animal Bond - Mind and Body - Utne Reader

What makes humans different from animals?

One way to get started in your thinking is to draw a diagram like the one below. Put all the things that you can think of that are only true for animals in the left circle. Put all the thinks that you can think of that are only true for humans in the right circle. Put the things that are true for both in the middle where the two circles cross over.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Where would you place these things?

eat sing love breathe talk make friends fight hunt


In P4C sessions we always stress that we share our ideas and that we respect the opinions of others. It would be great if you could share some of your answers to the question on the blog and even try to comment on to each other’s .

And finally…

How Good To Be Green behaviour system works | Riverview Junior School

It is time for your good to be green treat….What will it be? Talk to your adult at home…

It could be playing your favourite game, going on busy things and choosing your favourite activity, baking a yummy cake or biscuits . You might want to introduce your family to ‘go noodles’ and learn a song or a dance together (see below). Just make sure you have lots of fun…..and let me know what you get up to!

And that is the buzzer for the end of term!

Happy Easter to all of you and best wishes to all your families x

I will not be doing a daily blog over the Easter Holidays but I will do one more blog post at the start of next week with some ideas to keep you busy and occupied over the Easter Holidays and help you start prepare for next terms learning.

12 thoughts on “Friday 3rd April 2020

  1. A very handsome breed of dog! I love your answer to the question and I can’t disagree with you and think that our ability to be creative does make us different from other animals.


  2. Very interesting Muhammad – I agree when we think carefully it hard to find anything that makes humans completely different from animals.


  3. Wow how exciting – I hear that the tooth fairy is classed as a key worker so she may well be paying you a visit soon x


  4. Hi James and Stephanie you have obviously thought very hard about the question. It is good that you had some different ideas as P4C would be quite boring if we all thought the same things! Have a great Easter too


  5. Sometimes bad humans making animals take part in sports. Some animals as dogs they like run with their humans.


  6. Hello all, I have chosen an Alaskan Malamute, it is one of my favourite dog breed.
    Humans are a creative animals and we can made art.


  7. Muhammad thinks there isnt much difference between humans and animals. He also thinks animals are smarter too🤫


  8. So, I and Stephanie have thought about lots of things and disagreed about singing as Stephanie thinks that animals don’t sing while I think they do! I could not exactly think of things that animals and humans do not share. However I came up with a thought- animals eat other animals, while people do not eat other people.
    Have a great Easter.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Very interesting thought Persephone – which animals take part in sports? Can we think of an example? Do they enjoy sports? Do they want to win like humans do? …this has really got me thinking. I wonder what the rest of the class thinks?


  10. Hi,
    In my shared section of my Venn diagram I have chosen to write sport because humans and animals take part in sport and I love sport.


  11. Hi everybody
    I have chosen a Rabbit because they are cute and I love them.
    From Persephone


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