Wednesday 1st April

(well done those who noticed the wring date on yesterday’s blog post – you have won 1000 team points!)

Put the kettle on Platypus class I am coming around to your house today to check on all your work and make sure your bedrooms are tidy…

Image result for April fools

Seriously I wish I could do that because I miss you all very much…and I would love to see all the work you have been up to. If you would like to share anything you have been doing at home and your adult uses twitter they can share it on there or they could send pictures to the school email address with FAO Mr Fielder and I will post them on the blog.

Maths Challenge:

So here is a video to remind you of how the teen numbers are made of 1 group of ten and then some extra ones..

Now try and see how quickly you can recognise these teens amounts shown on a tens frame. You have about 3 seconds before the number is shown. Can you beat the clock?

Now can you find one more and one less than these numbers…

Which ones do not show 16? Can you explain why…. post a comment and let me know!

Reading Challenge:

If you can download the slides above and read through the information about looking after different kinds of pet. Ask an adult to help with reading some of the words if they are a bit tricky but also remember to use your sounds…

Writing Challenge:

Now can you answer these questions…

When should you walk a dog?

What should you put in a snakes tank?

How often do you need to feed an adult snake?

What word means the animal likes to be around people and other animals?

What pet do you think is the best to keep and why?

PE Challenge:

Today is our PE day and I hope lots of you have been doing your daily PE lessons with Joe Wicks the body coach at 9.00am live on his youtube channel.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or can find a safe place then there are lots of activities from the national tennis association that you might want to try out on this website

20 thoughts on “Wednesday 1st April

  1. That’s right James – it doesn’t matter if we have
    one ten and six
    six and one ten
    They are both 16!


  2. 61 is not 16 because the numbers are mixed. the other number isn’t 16 because it doesn’t add up to 16 but 7.


  3. The bottom ones are 16 because 8+8 = sixteen. the other two are 16 because they are grouped the same but different way around.


  4. Hi Mr Fielder,
    My dad forgot to reply.
    I got so excited this morning, thought you was going to visit everyone at home then my mum said it was a joke 😣

    The wrong answer is 61
    I would love a wolf as a pet


  5. Well done on the Sundog challenge Stephanie x I saw that you got lots of correct answers. You are such a super star!


  6. Ha! I really like the joke about the TV…I bet they had you worried! April fools is lots of fun…but no more lying from tomorrow please! I am glad you had a good day with your family playing games – it is sad we can’t be at school at the moment but a great time to enjoy being with your family and having fun together. Best wishes to you all x


  7. Sorry to say I can’t visit at the moment – but I am very much looking forward to seeing you all soon when it is safe…ps I hope your bedroom is tidy. I know mine isn’t!


  8. I agree cat make great pets. They don’t need to much looking after but give a lot of joy!


  9. Hello x So great to hear that Najla is carrying on with her learning and using the blog! Please to continue to comment from time to time so we can all hear how she is getting on. Best wishes to you and all your family!


  10. Dear Mr Fielder. Great day today. I managed to do sumdog challenged and the reading! Mummy prepared so much work for tomorrow, we will spend the day catching up on our writing and math..


  11. Hello. Ma and Stephanie had a break today. Only done sumdog and the rest was games. We enjoyed our day. Mum and Dad played a prank on us with a broken tv and I was very sad thinking that I will never watch tv again. Them mum and dad explained what April fools mean and I could not stop lying until I went sleep.


  12. Hello all, I thought that Mr Fielder is going to come then I realized that was a joke.

    The number is not 16 is 61 it is 6 tens and 1 ones.

    My favourite pet is a dog.


  13. Muhammad thinks all the animals on the pictures are hard work because it takes alot to look after them. However he would love a cat, because it cleans itself!
    Thanks mr fielder


  14. Hi Mr fielder
    I hope you and family are doing well. I would like to thank you for sending the work everyday and
    Najla is doing alot of works in her blue note book and sumdog too.

    she said 61 in not 16 because 61 has 6 blocks of 10 and 1 ones. She would like to have a rabbit as a pet because it is soft.

    I will try to reply from time to time.



  15. oohhhhhhhh Mr. Fielder i really thought you were going to comeπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    The ones are not 16 is the 61 because is 6 tens and 1 one, the green because is 1 one and 6 ones, the blue because are 6 ones and 6 ones in each box.
    16 are 1 tens and 6 ones.
    ps: i love the music of number in teens videoπŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί


  16. Hi
    I have chosen a mini beast because I have a mini beast expert in my class.
    Bye πŸ‘‹


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