Tuesday 31st March 2020

Welcome back my plucky Platypuses.

Time to get stuck into another busy day of home learning. Don’t forget to complete your daily tasks outlined below…

English Challenge:

This week we will be focusing on writing instructions. When we write instructions we need to tell people what to do. You might say that we need to be a little bit bossy. To tell people what to do we need to use command sentences.

Start by watching this video on writing command sentences and doing the activity by following the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrqqtfr/articles/z8strwx

Now try writing your own set of instructions in your blue books using command sentences. It could be for washing your hands (very important at the moment) , brushing your teeth, making your favourite sandwich or anything else you can think of. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share some of your instructions too…

If you want more resources to support instruction writing then set up a free twinkle account at https://www.twinkl.co.uk and search instruction writing for lots of presentations and worksheets.

Maths Challenge:

This week we will be focusing on the numbers between 10 and 20.

How many apples are there? Try counting them in ones….

Now search around the house – can you find this same amount of something else it doesn’tt matter what – pencils, books, sweets (but don’t eat them yet!)

Now look at the apples. Can you see one group of ten apples and then three more single apples. Try arranging the objects you found into a group of ten and 3 ones.

Now look how many balloons there are…

There are fifteen balloons – 1 group of ten and 5 ones. Look how we write fifteen below…

  • How many groups of ten pencils?
  • How many single pencils?
  • How many pencils are there altogether?

Continue to explore making amounts between 10 and 20. Try using objects you can find at home or drawing in your books. Here are some ideas…

Science Challenge:

Take a look at these animals below.

Think of as many similarities and differences between them as you can.

Think about…

  • Appearance?
  • What they do?
  • Where they might be found?

Now leave a comment with which one you think is the odd one out and why?

Don’t worry there is no one right answer – as long as you can give a reason for your ideas!

22 thoughts on “Tuesday 31st March 2020

  1. we went to look what are the bears …. they are omnivorous. they can eat everything it will depend of what they have available. Meat, fish, bamboo and other a lot of things,but they don’t eat cotton candy ..😊..


  2. Well done Jose – great research. So it seems that the Tasmanian Devil is the only carnivore of the three animals.


  3. Great research Jose. So looks like the Tasmanian devil is the only carnivore of the three animals.


  4. The Tasmania devil live’s in the Tasmania island. It is located at the south of Australia.
    They have powerful jaws and they are carnivores. The eat birds, snakes, insects.
    They are nocturnal animals and they like to be solitary.


  5. Good to hear from you Felix. Of course you are right they could all be the odd one out if we think hard enough – great work.


  6. Muhammad thinks the Tasmanian devil is the odd one out because it lives outside Australia. Tasmanian eat carrion which is the rotten flesh of animals. They also eat snakes and birds too.
    Thanks for the work today, mr fielder! Stay safe! And dont go out!


  7. The koala is the odd one out because it lives in trees. The kangaroo is the odd one out because it jumps and the Tasmanian devil is the odd one out because of its white stripe. Felix


  8. hello Mr Fielder,
    i miss everyone and i miss school.
    We HOPE the virus stops really soon.
    Here are some o_e that Mariama has learnt;


  9. I love your command sentences with the bossy verbs at the front – well done. I agree with your reasons for the odd one out. Do we know what a Tasmanian Devils eats? Can anyone find out?


  10. Hi
    I have chosen a kangaroo as the odd one out.
    Because it has a long tail and it mostly goes on two legs.


  11. Great thinking. I think it is actually a Tasmanian Devil which come from an island off Australia. But it does look a lot like a bear. I love that you are using terms like carnivore and herbivores. Are bears carnivores? Why don’t you try to find out what they eat?

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Well done Jaxon – I definitely agree about the tail. But all the animals are marsupials which means that the mothers all have pushes to carry their babies.


  13. Great work Jovani – excellent reasons. Apparently female Tasmanian Devils have their pouches on the back to keep dirt out.


  14. Hello Mr Fielder. My hand washing instructions are:
    Turn the tap on, get some soap, rub your hands together, rinse and dry

    For the science challenge the old one out was… “ Tasmanian devil because it has black fur with a white bit and is a carnivore” I wrote.


  15. Good morning Mr. Fielder and all my friends!
    we hope you are all good!
    i like the science challenger more then anything, because i love animals.😍
    the odd one out for me is the bear.
    He lives in a different place, like America or Africa.
    He is a carnivorous and the other two are herbivorous.
    His fur colour is different to.
    What do you think? do you see any more differences between them?


  16. Morning Mr Fielder,
    I think the Tasmanian devil is the odd one out as:
    1. Is a carnivore
    2. Does not live in eastern Australia
    3. Pouches are on their back
    Jovani and mum


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