Monday 30th March 2020

Welcome back Platypus Class. I hope you all managed to enjoy what must have been a strange weekend stuck at home. I don’t know about you but I am beginning to forget what day it is…well almost but not quite… it’s Monday so time to get stuck back into learning!

If you read the school letter (available on the website) then you will know that there is a class blogging competition this week. The class with the most number of comments on the blog over the week will be the winner…I wonder what the prize will be! I will try to give you lots of chances to comment on some of the learning this week so try to add a comment daily if you can – You know how much we all enjoy winning!

This week we will be focusing on words with the split digraph o_e sound. As in woke or joke.

Watch these videos that introduce the digraph:

Phonics Challenge:

Can you read this paragraph and guess what the missing words are. They are all spelt with the o_e . Write the missing words in your blue book and add some more if you can.

Trono Reina Stock Vectors, Images & Vector Art | Shutterstock

Queen lived in a very big __________ . Last night she fell asleep on her __________ . Today she __________ up early. The King was calling her on his __________ . He told her he had broken a ___________ . He had tripped on a very big __________ .

Now go on a phonics treasure hunt and see what things you can find that have a o_e sound in them. Please leave a comment to tell us your o_e words you found!

Maths Challenge:

On Friday we looked at how we can use our understanding of how 2 digit numbers are formed by groups of tens and ones to solve some missing number addition problems.

Today we will be focusing on subtraction.

Look at how we can split a 2 digit amount into tens and ones below and use this to write 4 different subtraction equations…

Remember that the = sign means “the same as” so that 8 = 28 – 20 looks a bit strange to us but is correct. It means that 8 is the same as 28 takeaway 8

Can you use your understanding of tens and ones to copy and complete these missing number problems in your blue book.

Art Challenge:

First find a map of the world and find Australia on it.

When you think about Australia what kind of animals do you think of?

109 Best Art Lesson Ideas: Aborigine images | Art lessons ...

Today try and create your own aboriginal artwork using a dot painting technique. It can be quite slow but the results look great. You could use felt tips, paint or pencil. You could even log on to busy things using your school email and go to the Art section where there is an aboriginal art activity. Go to and use the lgfl login.

Good luck everyone and do let me know how you get on.

PS If you have access to a smart phone and want to try something fun Google 3D has introduced AR animals that you can bring to life in your own home. My daughter nearly got eaten by a tiger eating breakfast this morning… But remember your safety rules and get an adult’s permission first.

12 thoughts on “Monday 30th March 2020

  1. Well done Eva – I am so glad you have been working hard on all the challenges and stretching that brain! Hope to see you very soon


  2. Wonderful! I’d love to see it – you could ask your Mum to help share it on twitter. Or you could take a picture and send it to the school email address with for Mr Fielder in the subject.


  3. Great to hear from you Dameesha- I am glad you are having fun with the homework. I will get the office to send your login details tomorrow.


  4. Thanks mr fielder for the work today. Very busy doing the sums and drawing!
    Have a great evening! Muhammad


  5. Hi sir having fun doing the homework challenges tired to do busy things but don’t know login details or for the please help me missing school from Daneesha


  6. Hi Mr Fielder! We hope you are well.
    We having been working very hard….” i m doing a good job😊”
    we find some words for our o_e :
    Froze, nose, wose , rose, those, code, home. We think is much more but i m tired 🤦‍♀️.
    But I loved to do my aboriginal artwork 😁. I m very excited to show you and all my friends.
    “See” you tomorrow.


  7. Hi Stephanie – big hugs right back at you ! I am glad you are enjoying your learning and making Mum proud. Keep up the good work


  8. I am glad you worked hard on the challenges James and you are enjoying busy things. I now that you can do some coding activities on busy things but I do think that the activities on are better. There are videos to watch that explain what to do so Mum should be off the hook!


  9. dear Mr Fielder, I miss you. Thank you for our challenges today. Mummy had to teach us separately today, but I have done very well and she was well pleased. I love busy things and done some coding there too, but on coding website, I got lost and mummy couldn’t help at all. Australian drawing was fun! Lots of hugs to you from me.


  10. Hello, thank you for the new challenge set for today. I’ve worked hard on all bits. It seems my coin knowledge is behind so I will ask mum and dad to explain again. Australian painting was fun. I love busy things. Is coding on busy things any similar to coding on the code website? Asking for mum as she has no clue how to explain things for me. here is to beginning of new week at home.


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