Friday 27th March

Hello to you all,

Well it is Friday and the end of our first week of home learning. Let me take this chance to say a big well done to all of the class for continuing their learning with such enthusiasm this week – and of course all those brand new teachers out there in all your families. (Don’t worry the first week in a new job is always the toughest!)

Don’t forget your daily tasks –

  • Sumdog – please make sure you complete the maths and spelling assessments that should have appeared.
  • Zumos – login and show me how you are feeling and listen to the ‘How to be Happy’ recording, try some mindfulness time and explore the other activities.
  • or phonics workbooks
  • 15 minutes of reading

Maths Challenge:

Look at this part whole model and bar model.

  • How many tens and how many ones in 28?
  • How many is 2 tens?
  • What is the whole and what are the parts?

There are 4 ways that we can write addition equations for the part whole model and matching bar model.

Remember that the equal = sign means -” is the same as ” and doesn’t always need to go at the front.

We can say that 28 = 20 + 8 because 28 is the same as 20 + 8

In your blue books can you copy and complete these equations…

Poetry Challenge:

Here is a link to a website where you can watch some famous poets performing their poems. Why not watch a few of the videos and then tell us about your favourite one here on the blog.

  • What was it about?
  • Why did you like it?
  • How did it make you feel?

Spanish Challenge:

This term we have been trying to learn the names of some animals in Spanish. As Jose (our class expert) will be able to tell you my pronunciation is not the best but we have all given it a good go. Watch this video called ‘My uncle who is a farmer’ and try to sing along…

Now try and practise this with someone at home.

You can ask..

(El Pato) que hace? (soft c)

What does the (the duck) say?

Then see if they can answer…. Quack quack quack!

Keep swapping around and changing the animals. How many can you remember?

And Finally…

let me wish you a happy and safe weekend. Remember that there is lots to do if you use your imagination and creativity. Keep checking the Mr Fielder and the Schools twitter to keep track of some ideas that the teachers are suggesting.

Why not join me for a spot of culture and watch a free live streaming of the 2010 royal ballet performance of Peter and the Wolf at 7pm tonight – it has wonderful music and dance. Follow the link to their facebook or youtube page here.

7 thoughts on “Friday 27th March

  1. Absolutely superb effort both of you. Anna I love some of your describing words and use of story tellers language! Daniel an elephant with a pair of wings makes me smile – especially one called Biggie O !


  2. Mr Fielder, here are the rest of our stories:

    Anna: All the other birds had a jumping competition. Mimi was very sad. Mimi started to cry. Mimi’s friends came to help her. Hippo said don’t cry Mimi I will find a way to sort it out. Mimi said with an angry voice no we can’t. Mimi was in a little clearing and looked up at the hot sun. It’s so sparkly. A scorpion said, if you’re different you need a little love and little hug. Mimi felt her little body jump. Mimi springed up. Are we in a dream, said the animals? Mimi is the best at jumping. She leapt up in the air. Mimi did more and more. The animals cheered. And best pal Hippo said I love you. Mimi winked as she smiled at her friend Hippo. The end. (Some spelling mistakes have been corrected!)

    Daniel: All the animals in the sky laughed at Biggie 0 and said, you are so weird. They are right, I am useless. I feel like a clot. He sighed and found a little clearing and looked at the sky. The moon can be so beautiful. Biggie 0 was very sad and then he started to cry, he felt so sad. But then his friends all popped up and gave him a present. It was a pair of wings. He cannot believe his eyes. I can fly, he said. He felt so happy he cried. And that is the end.


  3. Dear Mr Fielder
    I LOVE SCHOOL and I miss you and my friends. How are you?
    The work has been good, thank you for posting it all.
    I hope I see you soon.


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