Wednesday 25th March

Hi Platypus class! I hope you are all well and managed to complete the challenges from yesterday.

PE Challenge:

Phew! I am exhausted but feeling great after Joe Wicks the body coach’s live PE lesson on you tube – try watching and joining in every day so that you can keep fit and feel great at the start of the day.

Maths Challenge:

Today I want you to use your knowledge of tens and ones in 2 digit numbers to complete some part whole models.

If I have 36 sticks altogether this is my whole. It goes into the top circle of my diagram. I can split my whole into parts – 3 groups of 10 (30) is a part and 6 ones (6) is a part. See below…

How about this example…

There are six tens and 5 ones. How many blocks altogether?

We can split the 56 into a tens part and a ones part and show this on the part whole model…

In your home learning book can you copy and complete these part whole models by thinking about the groups of ten and ones.

Here are some more challenging ones to try if you feel like it…

If you want to do some extra Maths try Year 1 lesson 3 here:

Writing Challenge:

How did you get on writing the opening to your own version of ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’?

I have been working hard on my story about Matty Mouse.

Image result for matty mouse

The sheep lifted a whole bag of grain. The cow lifted four jugs of milk and the horse lifted up huge block of hay. Then Matty Mouse stepped forward. Before he could lift anything all the other animals began to laugh at him. You are so small you can’t be strong, you can only lift a grain of corn!

What happened to the animal in your story? You could write the middle of the story or draw a picture and add a speech bubble for what the characters in your story are saying or feeling.

Science Challenge:

Now that you have your lgflmail email address and logins you can now go onto the website busythings at Have a try at some of the Year 1 Science activities for our topic of animals.

Finally don’t forget to have a go at the Maths, Spelling and Reading Activities on Sumdog and read for at least 15 minutes a day. Also, if you are stuck for something to watch why not try this streamed performance of wind in the willows – there are also activity packs available for you to complete after you have watched.

Best Wishes and see you back here tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Wednesday 25th March

  1. Thank you for your lovely message – please stay safe too and look after that wonderful family of yours!


  2. Hi mr fielder, Muhammad still working on his story called ‘chuncky monkey!’
    I agree with all the other parents, we so appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Muhammad is enjoying the work.Please look after yourself and stay safe!


  3. Hi Mr Fielder. Kiyana’s Cat’s can’t skip story is her own work with a lot of encouragement from me and a lot of time needed.

    I was referring to the part whole models where you wanted them to choose their own math story for one of the models.

    We had to do that together as this was too difficult for her to do on her own


  4. Hi Kiyana and Mum, glad to hear that you are both well. I agree that story writing task will be very challenging for most. In class we would have focused on telling our stories orally rather than writing it out at first. I also think that drawing a picture and writing a caption about the story might be a bit more manageable. Cats can’t skip does sound like an amazing idea though!


  5. Hello, Kiyana and myself was hot and tired from Joe’s P.E session this morning. Kiyana had her moments of joining in and sitting down and watching me.

    I agree with the previous comment. Teachers do an amazing job and can be taken for granted. I think I can speak for both Kiyana and myself that we cannot wait for school to resume as usual.

    We are trying to keep up with the daily tasks on top of the daily chores.

    The math story task was a bit of a challenge for Kiyana to do by herself despite the example given, and me explaining and giving my own example. Therefore that part is both of our work as I wanted her to give it a go.

    She is continuing on with her Cat’s can’t skip story

    I hope everyone is in good health and taking care.

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  6. Thank you for your kind words and I am so glad that you are finding the blog useful! I agree with you about Mr Wicks – my daughter is fine but I am struggling this morning!


  7. ………All the other lions loved running around playing wrestling. Venom only wished he could join in but when ever he tried, he would always fall in his feet and the other lions would laugh at him…….


  8. Hi Mr Fielder, thank you for your dedication and hard work. It’s day 2, and I am exhausted already 😭. We will no longer take you for granted 🤣We are forever grateful for all that you guys do for the kids.

    Awesome contents here, we will do our best to go through this each day- even though we are still working from home 😭😭

    Yes, P.E with Joe is awesome-we’ve been joining since a Monday; happy to let you know that can’t feel my legs anymore 🤦🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️.

    All the best everyone. X

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