Monday 23rd March

Daily tasks: Zumos – Listen to the daily ‘How to be Happy’ message and record your mood for the day – explore the other features also if you have time.

Reading for 15 minutes

Sumdog (Daily Maths, Reading and Writing challenges set)

Phonics and spelling – This week we will be focusing on the split digraph i_e as in like or mine. Watch this video to introduce the sound.

Can you spell these words using the i_e split digraph? Can you think of any more to add to your list? Post some ideas here if you like… For more phonics practise go to and use the free login provided: username march20 password: home


Today I want you to think about comparing numbers to 100. How can we know which is the bigger amount – 52 or 28?

Which ever number has the most groups of 10 in it will be the greater amount.

We can say 52 is greater than 28

These numbers both have the number amounts of 10 – 57 and 54

So we need to look at which has the most ones instead. 57 has 7 ones and 54 has 4 ones so 57 is greater than 54.

We can also say 54 is less than 57

Compare these pairs of numbers using greater than and less than

eg. 43 is greater than 21 58 is less than 89

23 and 76

45 and 29

48 and 44

69 and 71

38 and 24

64 and 67

You may also want to look at this daily maths lesson and do the activities one this website

If you want even more Maths challenges then I recommend this site too

PHSE Challenge: Because of the Corona virus lots of places including schools are having to stay closed at the moment. But you can still connect with other people in lots of ways. Some children who are having to learn at home have put these rainbow pictures in the windows of their homes for other people to see. Why not create your own rainbow picture to display?

If you go out shopping or for a walk with your grown ups see if you can spot any rainbows in people’s windows. You never know you might spot some from other members of the class! For more information go to

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